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What BMW Should I Buy For Under $20,000?

$20,000 is, to most of us, a large amount of money. You could buy a decent Rolex. You could almost perform a yearly service on a Bugatti Veyron. More sensibly, you could probably get a…

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VIDEO: Take a POV Drive in a the Original BMW M6

It’s sort of crazy to think that the current BMW M8 Competition Coupe, a monster two-door GT car with the performance to rival Ferraris and McLarens, came from this, the original E24 BMW M6. The…

Ultra-rare BMW L6 sold for $10,111 [UPDATE]

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Top Five Most Underrated Modern BMW Models

Without question, BMW is one of the most premium and desirable automotive brands in the world. There’s a reason why blue and white Roundels fill the driveways of Suburbia. However, that doesn’t mean that all…