At the recent Detroit Auto Show, BMWBLOG’s Managing Editor Shawn Molnar sat down for an interview with Adrian Van Hooydonk, Director of design at BMW Group. Van Hooydonk is a well known designer, not only in the BMW and automotive world, but also in industrial design and his work is highly appreciated and respected.

In the past few years we conducted several interviews with Adrian and each one of them was just as captivating as inspiring. Since we set the bar high for ourselves, we decided to do something special this time around and asked Adrian to sit down in front of the camera for an extensive chat on car design.

Among many topics, Adrian also described to us the process for selecting a design for a car, from start to finish, BMW i sub-brand and what makes a “supercar.”

Without any further ado, let’s have a look.

Video & editing by Jim Perry at

Full interview – 22 min

BMW 3 Series Design – 2 min