BMW Asia today announced two additional BMW M models: BMW Individual X5 M and BMW Individual X6 M to join the BMW Individual program. The 555-horsepower BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M now feature variations of exclusivity and individuality.

With the extension of the program, the BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M will now be available with; BMW Individual Paintwork, BMW Individual Extended Leather Trim Merino, BMW Individual Interior Trim, Soft Close function for doors, DVD system at rear, 6 DVD Changer and BMW Internet. The BMW Individual X5 M further comes with a panorama glass roof, while the BMW Individual X6 M comes with an electric glass roof and is available as a 4+1 seater version.

Established in 1991 as a division of BMW M GmbH, the BMW Individual program is poised at leading the trend towards more individuality by concentrating on customers who are looking for made-to-measure solutions and making tougher demands on their BMW in terms of distinction, design and function.

“BMW Individual is synonymous with technical ambition and the desire for automotive perfection. Apart from offering a holistic vehicle concept with a broad range available to the customer for each model series, customers are able to select and put together their own personal combination of high-quality materials to create a harmonious composition of paints, leather and interior trim,” said Mr Neil Fiorentinos, Managing Director of BMW Group Asia.

“With BMW Individual program, BMW fans will now be able to turn their beloved cars into a subtle statement of their personality by adding in their own personal touch aside from settling for the standardized version.”

High Performance Re-Defined:

BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M.

Now the discerning customer has the opportunity to enjoy the unique high-performance character of a BMW M car also in the segment of BMW X models: The BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M are the first all-wheel-drive models to offer the supreme performance, dynamic driving features, athletic design, and premium quality of a typical BMW M Car.

Both models are powered by a high-performance V8 engine delivering 555 hp at an engine speed range between of 6,000 rpm from an engine capacity of 4,395 cc. The BMW M TwinPower Turbo engine is indeed the world’s first power unit with a common exhaust manifold encompassing both rows of cylinders and featuring Twin Scroll Twin Turbo Technology.

BMW’s intelligent xDrive all-wheel-drive system is naturally geared to the specific power and performance characteristics of the BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M, just like Dynamic Performance Control also standard on both models. Interacting with the cars’ special M suspension including Adaptive Drive and the Servotronic power steering, this ensures the driving behavior so characteristic of a BMW M Car, combining unique driving stability with precisely controlled steering qualities all the way to the highest level of driving dynamics.

The BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M set the benchmark in this segment of high-performance models in terms of acceleration, lateral dynamics, steering behavior, stopping power, and efficiency. Both models accelerate to 100 km/h from a standstill in 4.7 seconds and stand out not only through the truly impressive delivery of power by the V8 turbo engine providing maximum torque of 680 Newton-meters in the broad speed range between 1,500 and 5, 650 rpm, but also through the likewise smooth and consistent build-up of lateral forces meeting the highest requirements and the most dynamic level of performance in bends.

The exclusive character of both the BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M results to a large extent from a level of driving performance unique in this particular segment. Both models offer the ultimate in their segment in every respect, providing performance and dynamic driving reserves quite unique versus the competition and ensuring an experience of unlimited supremacy in everyday traffic.

BMW M TwinPower Turbo: Twin Scroll Twin Turbo Technology with a joint exhaust manifold for both rows of cylinders making its debut in the market.

Power and performance typical of BMW M is delivered by the power unit specifically developed for both the BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M featuring the BMW M TwinPower Turbo technology. The BMW M TwinPower Turbo technology is developed on the basis of Twin Scroll Twin Turbo technology and the exhaust manifold extending over both rows of cylinders patented by BMW offer absolutely extreme response and spontaneity, a linear build-up of engine power, and an unusually consistent torque curve.

The two turbochargers are positioned together with the catalytic converters in the V-section between the two rows of cylinders. The position of the intake and exhaust ducts provided in this way serves to reduce the length of the pipes and manifolds and increase their cross-section, with pressure losses on the exhaust side being significantly minimized in the process.

The joint flow of exhaust gas provided by the common manifold system connecting two cylinders at a time also ensures optimum gas throughput. The separation of exhaust flow is continued until the exhaust gas reaches the turbine wheel, building up ongoing pressure on the two Twin Scroll Turbochargers not impaired by any kind of counter-pressure.

With maximum charge pressure amounting to 1.5 bar, the use of Twin Scroll Twin Turbo technology with its inter-cylinder exhaust manifold makes unique use of the turbo-charging potential.

Immediate, direct response to the gas pedal and truly exceptional pulling force from the engine starting at low speeds and continuing consistently to the highest load level characterize the BMW M TwinPower Turbo technology from BMW M GmbH. The truly impressive development of power ensured in this way is accompanied by fascinating engine sound accentuating the fast-revving engine characteristics and the linear build-up of power by a supreme acoustic effect typical of a BMW M Car.

Reflecting the superior power of the engine, the high-performance V8 power unit comes with a cooling system developed specifically for the two new models. One special feature in this context is the indirect intercooling effect serving to optimize performance under particularly dynamic driving conditions.

The power unit in both BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M featuring the BMW M TwinPower Turbo technology develops the outstanding output and performance with equally outstanding efficiency. In addition to direct fuel injection with High Precision Injection technology, both the BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M are equipped with a wide range of technologies from BMW EfficientDynamics. Apart from Brake Energy Regeneration, these also include on-demand control of the electrical fuel pump, a detectable a/c compressor, as well as a volume flow-controlled supply of hydraulic fluid to the anti-roll system also operating specifically on demand.

Both models offer average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle of 13.9 liters per 100 kilometers. Their CO2 rating is 325 grams per kilometer. And last but not least, the engine naturally fulfils all the requirements of the US LEV II standard as well as the EU5 requirements in Europe.

The BMW Individual Paintwork

In line with the understatement embodied in the BMW design language that governs all model series, the experts at BMW Individual always try to harmonize each customer’s wishes with the BMW philosophy. The individual paintwork is more than a color: It captivates its customers through its unique brilliance and sophisticated iridescent effects. Thanks to a fine pigmentation, changing nuances appear, depending on how the light falls, which give the surface a new dimension and depth. The intrinsic excitement of the color black is demonstrated in three variations: including Azurite Black metallic, Ruby Black metallic and Citrine Black metallic. When it comes to avant-garde exterior colors: the elegant, light shades of Pearl Silver metallic preferred particularly by buyers in sunny regions: Under blue skies, this paint finish shines with a special glamour.

The BMW Individual Leather

The Merino leather used by BMW Individual is characterized by its uniquely refined appeal, extreme durability and comfort. Gentle tanning methods and “barrel pigmentation”, in which the dye penetrates through intensive rotation and is not just applied to the surface; give this material its richness of color, strength and durability. The living structure of this leather comes from its natural graining rather than artificial embossing. The finish applied in the semi-aniline process stops fading caused by light, and yet the leather stays breathable. The combination of all these sophisticated yet gentle processes produces seats that are as soft and as smooth as velvet. BMW Individual will offer customers five color choices of Merino leather: Platinum, Champagne, Slate, Criollo Brown and Amaro Brown.

BMW Individual Interior trimmings.
It’s the many details that make the difference with BMW Individual. The interior trimmings made from piano varnish are the most sophisticated finish. The black, high-gloss polished surface is only achieved by famous piano makers using a time-consuming polishing and finishing process. This is what gives this varnish its unique brilliance. Elegant highlights are added through details such as the center console and ceiling grips. No less sophisticated
alternatives are interior trimmings from high-quality woods such as, Eucalyptus, Walnut or Piano Finish Black – all of which comes with a high gloss finish.