WheelSTO, a modding shop based out if Illinois, and a long-time sponsor of BMWBLOG, showcases their latest project. Working with their client Evan Lee, WheelSTO along with 3D Design improved the look of the BMW M3 Coupe. Let’s take a closer look at their project.

“We love working with builds big and small.  When it comes to creating that unique car that our customers are looking for, the choice in products and priorities are as diverse as the personalities behind the car.  This is probably the biggest reason why we love interacting with our customers on choice of products and modifications.  We truly believe that it is our responsibility to lead our customers in the “right” direction when it comes to aftermarket parts for modifications.  Their satisfaction is crucial to our success and a long lived satisfaction will be one that will determine our success.  This is especially true with our client, Evan Lee.

Like all relationships, they start small. Our relationship with Evan started when he was fed up of dealing with bent replica rims on his 335i. As we soo found out, replica rims were not the whole story. Replica diffuser, front lip and tips had cost him more than $1500 on install, which did not end up looking like they were supposed to. He was hoping that we would fix the situation. Instead of fixing the situation, we decided to start from a clean slate. We carefully steered him into making the leap into a set of genuine BBS LM-R and KW V3. That was all he needed for the perfect stance and look on his 335i. This was the beginning of a great relationship, involving more cars and even more wheels and performance parts.

For the right outcome, the perfect recipe and execution is key.  Ingredients like a full carbon fiber front lip and rear diffuser by 3D Design was the starting point.  For added down force and styling, the BMW Performance carbon fiber trunk lip spoiler was used.  A little dose of gloss black front and side grilles really transformed the fascia.

Nothing would be complete without the right stance.  Having previously had a set of 20″ Volk VR. G2 for that urban look, Evan really wanted to take the performance approach. What better way than with a set of super light weight Volk TE37SL in 18 – 9.5 front and 18 – 10.5 rear with sticky Bridgestone tires.  KW V3 took on the task of making sure all four corners stayed planted at all times.

To improve the performance, drop in filter and the Bastuck RACE exhaust was put in.  Sound, Looks and Feel.  Sensory overload!