Looking for an 1M? Connect with U.S. BMW dealerships

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Without a doubt, BMW has hit the jackpot with the new 1M. The limited production numbers, the positive drive reviews and the back-to-roots angle, has …

Without a doubt, BMW has hit the jackpot with the new 1M. The limited production numbers, the positive drive reviews and the back-to-roots angle, has made the new “baby-M” one of the most desirable BMWs in 2011.

In the U.S., initial production numbers were said to be around 600 units, but first allocations released to dealerships showed a lower number of 1Ms being produced. We learned from BMW that the production will ramp up in the upcoming months and the number of production slots for the U.S. may increase.

Initial reports show that dealerships are getting 1 to 2 units at the moment, and some of the stores are only getting them later this fall. Clearly, the high demand and the “hotness” of this car have created a shortage at the moment and U.S. buyers are struggling to find available units in their state, and sometimes, outside their area. This applies to BMWBLOG as well. Even though we are Chicago-based, we ended up going out of our “comfort zone”, all the way to New Jersey where JMK BMW secured a May production for us.

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With this backstory in mind, we would like to use our reach in the BMW world and try to connect potential buyers with BMW dealerships that still have unsold 1M models.

The idea is simple.

Potential Buyers

If you are interested to buy an 1M, please leave a note in the comments section below, including the state and the timeframe when you would like to purchase the 1M. If you would like to have your information private, feel free to fill out the form below.

U.S. Dealerships

If you are reading this article, and many of you do, please indicate in the same comments section below if you have any units available and the city and state you’re located in. Same as above, if you would like this information to be private, fill out the form below.

Our goal is to simply connect the two parties and give back to the community; BMWBLOG does not benefit in any way from this and we have NOT receive any incentives from BMW dealerships. .

18 responses to “Looking for an 1M? Connect with U.S. BMW dealerships”

  1. David R. Gomez says:

    Freaking awesome idea!!!!! Thanks fellas!!

    Let me start, South Florida area.
    Timeframe: July-August

  2. Foxracin617 says:

    New York city area June July time frame

  3. La Ma says:

    U guys realize that any dealer can search all dealership for available inventory ? They can also get those cars allocated to them ? It takes less 1 minute to pull up all the available cars in a country on a screen at the dealership.
    seems like a waste of a service then. ALso if you buy at your local stealership – weather it is theirs or allocated unit, you will give them a bonus check and with that you also get better treatment later on. The dealer I used was giving loaner cars to all customers but only the ones who bought the car local got a BMW loaner, the “others” got a Ford Ficus.

    • Manny Antunes says:

      1M allocations are on a specific predetermined schedule. You can not just “get” an extra allocated 1M if you didn’t earn it. 1M allocations were based on previous M3 sales, and SPG for your store. I was lucky to get allocated 3 for this entire year, and i’m one of the largest on the East Coast.

      It’s true you can “search”, as i have done. ALL 1M production allocations are Sold and will be Sold for quite some time to come. By Horatiu providing this service, it’s gives dealers that have yet to be allocated cars, an opportunity to build an order bank for hopefully future allocations.

  4. Horatiu Boeriu says:

    So far, looking at the Google form, we have quite a few entries. Seems like Phoenix, AZ might have a few allocations left.

  5. Andy says:

    this is great, Horatiu

  6. Shawn Sloan says:

    North Alabama, will buy from anywhere as I want to do European Delivery and Performance Center Redelivery.
    Timeframe: September-November

    • Horatiu Boeriu says:

      Shawn, will have a look at the list of dealerships that listed availability and post more info here

      • Shawn Sloan says:

        Any luck on finding anything? I’ve got a deposit down at a place that is being very coy about if I actually have an allocation or not and it’s driving me nuts!

  7. Gene says:


    Did not get any response from anonymous post yesterday?

    location NYC, but will go for ED and SC PDC so Any dealer location is fine

    Any 2011 time frame, as early as possible

  8. Robert says:

    Looking to buy an 1M anywhere on the east coast basically. Located in Ohio. Time frame : As soon as possible

  9. Chris W says:

    Looking for 1M in Santa Barbara, CA

  10. Sasha says:

    Everyone says the 1M is sold out, but if anyone has one please let me know, ready to make an order.

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