MINI story of the day comes from Autoblog. At the recent Geneva Motor Show, a source within Mini revealed to the popular outlet that the automaker will be bringing a new concept, dubbed “Goodwood,” to the Shanghai Motor Show next month.

Back in 2009, first reports of a MINI – Rolls Royce vehicle began to surface. Several reports indicated that the Goodwood-based ultra luxurious brand is working on a high-end MINI. Rolls Royce was said to be focusing on upgrading the MINI interior to the highest level of luxury possible, in a small premium car.

The idea behind MINI Goodwood is to create niche vehicles for the customers with a flair of individual approach. Autoblog reports that “Goodwood concept is a fully plushified, hand-wrought hatchback updo that pays hommage to not only the current Rolls-Royce headquarters on the Goodwood estate, but also to the Rolls-Royce/Bentley glory years of bespoke treatments by the in-house Mulliner Park Ward department.”

Executives at the company believe that a MINI with the interior luxury of a much larger car has again become relevant thanks to the current trend of downsizing, especially for affluent city drivers.

It is likely that the options will extend beyond trim materials and buyers could be encouraged to choose more luxury features and interior fittings. Back in the 1960s, MINI vehicles featured high standards of trim and were often owned by celebrities, a plan that inspired the Oxford based company.

The concept will debut in April at the Shanghai Motor Show.

[Source: Autoblog ]