Rolls-Royce have commissioned a series of short films telling extraordinary stories about extraordinary motor cars. The series is called 21st Century Legends. In this film, Rolls Royce introduces Michael Fux, The Man Who Became a Paint, and hear how Rolls-Royce created a bespoke car with a unique red carbon fibre dashboard, white leather interior and a special candy apple red paint named after its owner, Michael Fux.

Fux, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, has an impressive car collections and it is most likely one of Rolls-Royce’s favorite customers, due to his taste in cars and extensive knowledge in the creation of a customer Rolls.

We have recently met Fux at the Pebble Beach Concourse D’Elegance where he made his annual appearance. Some of Fux’s Rolls are easily recognized and they sport some of the most daring exterior colors and interior design.

Let’s have a look.