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With the next generation BMW X3 just around the corner, the idea of an X3M model came to focus. While BMW has not officially acknowledged …

With the next generation BMW X3 just around the corner, the idea of an X3M model came to focus. While BMW has not officially acknowledged any plans of building an M version of the new X3, sources within the brand mention that BMW might be considering for evaluation an X3 35is model.

The go-ahead decision for an X3M model will be solely based on the success of the new mid-compact premium SAV and the response from its customers. The market demands and integration could also affect this decision, same as it did with the X5M and X6M models revealed last year.

If greenlighted, we believe that an X3M vehicle will most likely be using the powerplant found in the upcoming 1 Series M Coupe, an M-built engine based on N54 twin-turbo.

x3mgreyfront 655x491

Rendering artists have already begun speculating on the design of the X3M, and these computer generated images give us a glance on what we could expect to see.

The usual M elements seen on the X5M or X6M are emphasized here as well, more aggressive front-end with large air intakes, wider fenders and of course, the M gills.

With X3 sales beginning later this year, accurate sales numbers and measurement of success won’t be available until late in 2011, therefore we won’t expect a decision to be made before 2012.

x3mgreyrear 655x491

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25 responses to “Renderings: BMW X3M”

  1. Sam Kramer says:

    X3 35is model more is more likely IMO.
    I can just imagine – Mercedes-Benz GLK 63 AMG (lol), baby Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, and Audi … Q5 RS? lol

  2. Bryce says:

    I love the look, except that it uses the same awful headlights as all the rest of the X3 models. I guess I’ll just keep hoping that they completely redesign the headlights with the LCI in a couple of years…

  3. plaxico says:

    wild ugliness….

  4. Lariv says:

    The back of it looks all right but the front looks obese.

  5. Wooo hoo. says:

    that thing is a PIG. The only thing that makes it better than a X1 is the fact that it’s not the entry level X bimmer anymore.

    X3M….. Soccer moms badgehunting everywhere will flock to it. Although an X3M still will not carry the panache of an X5.

  6. viper says:

    the rear is ok but fron and sides suck.
    x3m….No. maybe is version but not M….even if they make M it will be quite ugly.possibly the worst looking M car ever.

  7. viper says:

    its so obvious that just a small% likes this car…..what the hell were they thinking , who the hell is responsible for its rubbish so yesterdayish looks? who.
    bmw hire an audi designer OR pay more attention to exterior designs not so much about the machine itself.

  8. FreudeKing says:

    PLEASE! THIS CAR IS FAR TOO CHEAP LOOKING AND UGLY FOR THE ME DEPARTMENT TO EVEN BOTHER. Do you think Merc woiuld have an AMG Smart? OBVIOUSLY NOT! The X1 and X3 are disappointments and lack premium feel.

  9. badger says:

    there is no need for a x3M.

  10. L. Hamlton says:

    Yeahh!!! also waiting for a 5 GT M, a Z4 M and X1 M…

  11. BMfan says:

    There’ll never be an X3M. 100% certain cos its not created for pure performance like the X6 or X5.

  12. Jaao says:

    This thing would be so much more lighter than X6 of X5M. And therefore much faster, and just as ugly as the other two. They are all useless cars. And if you ask me..The X3M would maybe even make the most sense of them all

  13. viper says:

    the x3 is the worst idea to come from bmw obviously apart from the new 5series , 5gt , copy and paste thing , not having a supercar , not having a 4door coupe yet , a fwd bmw plus many more…..interior designs suck , exterior designs suck even worse…plus many more

    • viper says:

      Everything in the world sucks, except me. Me in my cool basement with my awesome internet. HAHA. I am great.

      • Tom says:

        i dont even know why people fight you anymore. its pointless. i just find your comments humorous now. to each his own opinion.. its of course wrong, but to each his own.

        x3m rendering looks alright, im not opposed. loveee the rear

  14. tweer says:

    X3 is a terrible idea for the M, the X5 and 6 were going too far but this is just silly.

  15. SUBMAN says:

    The new X3 looks very nice. I just hope there is a MANUAL TRANSMISSION option for the X3 or M-X3 or diesel X3 or I will be forced to buy an Audi or something else other that a BMW. There are a lot of BMW fans who still enjoy manuals. I hope BMW is listening to it’s loyal long-term customers. I am not sure they are.

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