A while back, it was reported that BMW could possibly price launch a supercar and price it at around 300,000 Euros. This would never happen as €300,000 would translate into well over $462,000. That is a price BMW could very well afford to sell such a car at, but only if it were to have an ///M badge in front of it, or be a car that could compete easily with the Ferrari Enzo or the Porsche Carrera GT. Since those two cars are no longer in production BMW would most likely not price a car that high unless it had real competition to deal with.

Secondly, BMW would start by making a twin-turbo V8 version to punch the lights out on the Audi R8 and make sure there is a market for such a car from BMW. They already have this engine readily available with the new X6. The Twin-turbocharged V8 from the X6 comes handy with 400hp and 450lb-ft of torque. That is plenty of power for such a car.

Then they would undoubtedly make a V10, or would they make a V12? I’m sure that you know BMW Motorsport made the engine for the McLaren F1 that still proves today to be one of the most potent engines in history. But did you know that the V12 BMW supplied to Gordon Murray at McLaren was being tested for an M8?

The M8 was supposed to be the king of all Bimmers and was going to tackle the Ferrari Testarossa, and become the greatest sports luxury coupe in the world. So what is to say that BMW couldn’t or wouldn’t do this again, but this time make it real?

Now comes the next question, BMW Motorsport would most likely put their stamp of approval on such a car, and have their own M version to make. But, M doesn’t turbocharge or supercharge their engines, so why would they with this one? Why wouldn’t they?

Is it really likely though, that Motorsport would make an all new engine for this new supercar instead of beefing up the S85B50 (M5/M6 V10)? I doubt that they would, especially when they could save money and use such a great engine like the S85. There would be plenty of power and weight savings from a 500hp V10 instead of adding a heavier V12.

Lastly it was said that BMW would use a front-engine setup. Really? I personally doubt that a lot. BMW knows just as well as anyone that a mid-engine would be best for such a car, and the Audi R8 has been a flawless car with its engine in the mid section. 2012 is supposed to be the year of the new whatever this will be called and it’s possible that we will see a concept in that time.

Why though, would BMW make such a car? Is there a place to compete? Would it even compete in any sort of motorsports racing? Could BMW be using this opportunity to play with new materials and designs to help with new automobile regulations in the near future?

Audi R8 V10 Facelift is here — revives BMW rival argument

My final speculation is this, a standard twin-turbo V8 version with 400hp or maybe a little more tweaked out and 450lb-ft of torque attached to a 6-speed manual and the new M-DCT all in a mid-engine setup. An M version would be the same except for having the S85 V10 pushing quite possibly over 600hp.

The car would likely weigh about 3400-3500 lbs and cost in the area of $110,000-$130,000 for the V8 version and $200,000-$220,000 for the Motorsport version. Expect to see lots of carbon fiber, aluminum and other weight saving materials used on the new supercar. Also expect to see such a car bow onto the streets by 2013 to compete right away if they were to make it. Furthermore, what would BMW name it? The M1? Only time will tell.

There have been a few speculated pictures of a BMW supercar of this type, one is the stock photo that was used in the original article and one that I have had in my personal picture collection for quite some time now. I have forgotten where it came from though. Probably one of my BMW car forums.