BMW 5 Series will be BMW’s most important car in 2017

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In a few months, the new-generation BMW G30 5 Series will be hitting dealer lots. When that happens, BMW will be launching possibly its most …

In a few months, the new-generation BMW G30 5 Series will be hitting dealer lots. When that happens, BMW will be launching possibly its most important car to the public, hoping for a success. Without the success of the next 5 Series, BMW could be in some trouble in the luxury car world.

At the moment, Mercedes-Benz is on its way to beating BMW as the luxury car leader of the world. Much of this has to do with Mercedes’ recent influx of new models, such as the C-Class and E-Class, the brand’s most popular cars. BMW hasn’t replaced its 3 Series since 2012 and the current F10-generation 5 Series launched in 2011. So while BMW’s┬ácars age, Mercedes-Benz’s cars are getting newer and the public is very much liking the new design direction from Stuttgart.

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Even BMW’s newer models, such as the new 7 Series and X5, have been met with some criticism for looking too familiar. BMW hasn’t taken many design risks and it’s starting to make an impact on the public. Admittedly, it’s nigh-impossible to differentiate any Mercedes-Benz sedan from one another at quick glace, either, because they’re all identical just at different lengths. But the public loves them all and the E-Class is being met with rave reviews.

So BMW’s new 5 Series needs to be a success if BMW wants to take its sales crown back from Mercedes. Especially with the new Audi A6 debuting in 2018, as the market will only get tougher.

Thankfully, the new BMW 5 Series is a far better car than the one it replaces and should be considered as such by nearly all kinds of buyers. Firstly, it’s better to drive than the outgoing car, as it’s lighter, sharper and more dynamic. It also comes with better engines and better chassis technology. But it’s also more luxurious, has far more technology and is even more comfortable to drive. So it’s improved in every single way. The problem is that most customers won’t notice and will only notice that it looks similar to the outgoing F10 5er. While it’s a good looking car, this new 5 Series, it just might not be different enough from the old model to make an immediate impact on the customers.

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Hopefully for BMW, the consumer can see the 5 Series for its inner beauty and realize that it’s a better car in every single way that the one it replaces. If that happens, BMW can be within arms reach of taking its sales crown back from Mercedes-Benz.

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18 responses to “BMW 5 Series will be BMW’s most important car in 2017”

  1. Brian Hodge says:

    New X3 is far more important in terms of sales. Sedans are dying quickly. The reason of Merc sales is newer SUVs.

    • Kaisuke971 says:

      The X3 isn’t gonna have a full year, that’s why the 5 Series will be the most important model in 2017.

      • Kim Conrad Jorgensen says:

        Good point but neither will the G30, one of the most important models is the hybrid and that is delayed. As a completely new model, IMO, it’s way too close to the F10, which is what I’m driving now. Have had it four years and was hoping to replace it with a G30 but I may just hold on to the old one a bit longer. Absolutely no difference to the exterior, not in a good way anyway. All the interior gizmos are only fun when you are parked, and pretty silly at best, when driving they are distracting more than anything, the F10 is bad enough as it is, why add more distractions? If the G30 is going to be the most important model for BMW of 2017 then they are in for a world of hurt.

        • guest says:

          Who says the hybrid is delayed? And as a niche vehicle, why does it matter? That you judge the g30 without driving it makes me think you’re with the wrong brand.

    • Mark Tucker says:

      The X2 will be interesting experiment to watch.
      Will it grow the brand or just steel sales from the X1/3/4?

  2. Arunabh says:

    I doubt whether that is going to happen.

    One thing that we should understand that almost all the cars (A6, 5 series & E-class) are immensely talented and accomplished. To add to that, all of them have got their traditional strengths in place.

    The major differentiation is gonna come from the aesthetics and design. and this is where, BMW appears to be lagging severely. it just doesn’t look an all together new car. To top that, it has evolved on a car that itself started to appear tired by the 4th year of its lifecycle (at least to me).

    Had this car been evolved from E-60, it would have hit bulls eye. It is because even today there is nothing else similar to E-60 on the roads and that car is full of personality (which this new model seriously lacks). And what i have personally felt is that people these days are getting more and more warmed up to E60 than ever before (It also has to do with overwrought and pointlessly plagued BMW designs of recent years which looks just appaling after some time).

    What i personally haven’t like about BMW in last half decade or so is their attitude. It appears as if they have gone into a shell as far as creativity and risk taking abilities are concerned.It is these abilities that made people BMW fanatics in the first place. But now,their vehicles appear to be designed to woo 45+ age groups. Whatever shapes and lines are their in current crop of BMW, one must have seen it somewhere or the other.(There must be umpteen of cheap mass market sedans that are sporting rears, way much more than similar, to the newly launched 5 G30) how is that gonna help BMW who is asking so much price for such an ordinary effort?

    The world is changing rapidly and things are getting older at much faster pace whether we like it (or accept it) or not. Look at Lexus, what a hugely radical design language they have come up with. Not many people are able to digest it right now but it is surely working wonders for its sales. To top that,with new design language, they have made a clear distinction from rest of the remaining luxury auto makers. It is also going to secure its potential market base, as a person who is coming for adventure and radical nature in its cars will only have Lexus as an option.More importantly, the success of these cars is also an indication of the fact that people are prepared to shell out money on some radical designs if they are providing enough distinction from the rest of competition. Infiniti has also started to steer away from me too approach and carving up a territory of its own (Ok, i agree that its too early to call them credible player in the segment)

    With Hyundai’s Genesis brand coming into the foray (Knowing Koreans, they will not leave any stone unturned and they will surely carve out significant chunk sooner than later), Volvo cars starting to punch above their weights (what breathtaking design language, both in and out, they have conjured), and BMW’s competition almost closing the superiority gap that BMW enjoyed for so long (on few parameters, ‘surpassing BMW’ will be a better phrase) this echelon of segment is becoming the real battleground of the auto industry. And I am afraid that BMW is appearing to be one of the least formidable warriors (i do understand that it very early to pass on judgement but BMW sales are telling atleast half the story).

    Summing up things, We dont want ubiquitous cars wearing BMW badges. We dont want BMW diluting its essence in trying to woo wider audience (and going nowhere in the process).We want BMWs that are build on their own set of strengths. We want BMWs that pull people by the scruff of their necks and make them fall in love with them (E 24,30, 39, 46,90 ok i will also put E60 in this list :D) We want BMWs that reflects the appreciation for finer things in life. We want a BMW that is a BMW, inside out. Period.

  3. Mark Tucker says:

    The Issue I see with the lack of identity between the different models, is you risk buyers choosing the latest model. Do you want a Seven series customer instead choosing a Five, because that is the newest model and has most of advertising activity focused on it? I would not have thought so. If the different series lack a clear exterior difference, hard to see people wanting to buy a model launched two years ago after the hype of a new vehicle launch dies down. The risk is you will effectively end up with super short product cycles. Hard to make money of that.

  4. guest says:

    If sales crown is the issue, wouldn’t BMW be bringing the 1 Series here? Rather than moving downmarket like M-B, they are introducing the g30, X7 & 8er, which suggests they are pursuing margins over volume.

    • Arunabh says:

      1 series wouldn’t have made any impact to overall standing. It hasn’t set sales chart on fire anywhere.

      • guest says:

        The sedan is a new product, it’s not even on the market yet. If moving downmarket to cheaper, smaller fwd. cars doesn’t increase volume for aspirational labels, why am I seeing so many CLAs, GLAs & A3s around?

  5. Giom says:

    So far all G30 reviews are very positive… minus the design. I don’t know what’s going on at BMW at the mo, but they undoubtedly need more excitement in their products.

  6. Marcus Canada says:

    Actually, Im driving an F10 now and it’s one of best cars I’ve owned. It drives and handles just great and the styling is still beautiful and timeless.

    I am happy the G30 follows the same formula and does not look drastically different. It just makes my F10 look current for a few more years before I make the switch to the new one!

  7. Hitt says:

    People really love to rave about the Merc’s new designs, and I will admit they make a hell of a statement, but I don’t think all of that is good. I mean that giant, garish Mercedes symbol on the front grille? I’m sorry but that just looks tacky. I doubt any BMW afficiando wants THAT design decision to be copied, I mean I can only imagine how laughably bad that would look if they took the BMW symbol and made it that big and slapped it on the front grille…

    • Arunabh says:

      Why are you assuming that if BMW choose to go for all together new design language, it will go the Merc way?

      No one would want BMW doing it Merc way or for that matter any other manufacturer’s way.
      BMW should do it their own way but they must do it now.

      Capture the essence of the brand and encase it in altogether new language and direction. all they need to make sure is that the roots are visible, distinct (from current boredom on wheels) BMW approach is clearly legible, progression with current times with an eye on the future and ignite the right senses when seen in real.

  8. Babken Hakobyan says:

    Useless crap compared to Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The same interior starting from 1970s. I can only pity those naive buyers who buy this rough riding crap.

    • Mike Vella says:

      You are literally comparing 70’s BMW interiors to the above? Please.
      The E-Class is a great car with an awesome interior, but the 5 series has a hell of a combo of sport and luxury. BTW, the new E-Class had better be 100 times more impressive driving-wise than the outgoing version, as I drove one a couple years ago and found it boring.

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