With each new generation of vehicle, whether it be BMW or otherwise, it’s likely that it’s going to go up in price while also getting some new standard features. It’s pretty normal stuff, which is why we’re not surprised that the BMW 5 Series is going up a bit in price, with its newest G30-generation.

It also gets all new model nomenclature, with the BMW 528i now becoming the 530i, 535i becoming 540i and the 550i becoming the M550i. With each of those model name changes, the price goes up incrementally. The base model BMW 530i is up about $1,000 over its 528i predecessor, for instance. However, that price bump shrinks with the 540i, as it’s only about $600 more than the car it replaces.

All 5 Series xDrive models will wear a $2,300 premium to the car, but that’s the same as it previously costed with the F10 generation 5 Series.


But, to coincide with the increase in price comes new as-standard features. For instance, instead of the standard Xenon headlights on the F10 5 Series, the new G30-gen 5er comes with Adaptive LED headlights as-standard. At least in the US, it will get standard LEDs. Other world markets have them as optional.

Also standard for US-bound cars are 16-way adjustable seats, dual-zone climate control, ambient lighting and Dynamic Cruise Control (DCC as BMW speak). The previous-gen car didn’t even have some of those things as optional equipment, so it’s a pretty good step up.

This sort of upgrade in both options and price is normal and to be expected. The Mercedes-Benz E Class recently underwent the same increase. But it isn’t just options 5 Series buyers should be concerned about. The new 5 Series is developed on an entirely new chassis that’s significantly better than before. It’s lighter, leaner, more dynamic and more technologically-packed. So, even without extra options, the new G30 5 Series is worth more than the F10 5er it replaces.