The upcoming BMW Z5 was spotted once again

Rumors | January 19th, 2016 by 9
2018 BMW Z5 spy photos 3 750x500

Yesterday we broke the news with the first spy photos of the upcoming BMW Z5 Roadster. We introduced the new roadster through a series of …

Yesterday we broke the news with the first spy photos of the upcoming BMW Z5 Roadster. We introduced the new roadster through a series of night shots, but today, we have more images showing the upcoming roadster being tested in daylight.

The spy shots show the same heavily camouflaged prototype with the typical proportions and short overhangs of a BMW roadster. Based on these preliminary images, the size of the alleged Z5 Roadster is larger than the current BMW Z4, but the increased dimensions are likely to be offset by the soft roof and lightweight materials used to build the chassis.

2018 BMW Z5 spy photos 1 750x500

Past rumors mentioned the Z5 birth as a result of a collaboration between BMW and Toyota, who are allegedly working together on three different models. BMW and Toyota have been tight-lipped about details but the two companies say their partnership will last until at least 2020.

2018 BMW Z5 spy photos 7 750x500

The sources say the BMW Z5 will look terrific, following the classic roadster proportions, a huge hood, very elongated headlamps attached to the front kidneys to form the new visual identity of the Z models.

Same source mentioned the Z5 as a rival to the Porsche 911 and the newcomer Mercedes AMG GT. The future Z5 is said to be offered as a coupe as well – this latest version will be a true 2 + 2 sports car.


The range will consist of gasoline engines, with options for four-cylinders and six cylinders, with a power range from 270 hp to past 400 hp. A hybrid version will sit at the top of the line-up and could reach 500 hp.

9 responses to “The upcoming BMW Z5 was spotted once again”

  1. Senne says:

    If the Z5 will be as beautiful or even more so, it will be an amazing machine!! I can’t wait to see it with a lot less camouflage, so someone can make a GOOD rendering :)

  2. roadkillrob says:

    How can it be a 5, the new naming convention of 2015 requires odds to be sedans and evens to be coupes!

    • Matt Stokes says:

      Because the “new naming convention of 2015” isn’t really applied absolutely, or consistently. Best to just think of it as “rough guidelines for naming”

  3. Giom says:

    It just doesn’t have typical BMW proportions imo. 3/4 front, yes, but side profile is strange. If it is BMW, I would hope the stick to the Z4 name… BMW need some continuity with this model.

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