BMW and Toyota continue working on joint sports car

Rumors | July 1st, 2015 by 12
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According to Bloomberg, citing BMW representatives, says that the Munich-based automaker and Toyota are moving ahead with the joint midsize sports car project. The new sports car will use common underpinnings of major components for two models, a BMW and a Toyota car. The program to create the vehicle is “progressing according to plan” with the accord on the platform, said a BMW spokesperson.

Toyota and BMW outlined plans for the sports car in early 2013 and said in November 2014 that they’d reached the concept phase for the vehicle after completing a technical feasibility study. The manufacturers have declined to specify where the model might be built or when production would start. Sources say the car in question for BMW would be a Z4 replacement, and will most likely use a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. However, no details have been given about actual development or specs. Toyota is rumored to work on a Supra successor with an engine developed by BMW; a turbocharged inline-six.

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It’s just unknown whether BMW or Toyota will head development and if the plant will be in either Europe, the United States or Japan. Both companies will look at the biggest markets to determine the best location for development.

The carmakers’ cooperation also includes research projects on fuel cells with testing of a first set of components remains scheduled for 2020.