New info on BMW Z1, Z3 and Z5

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bmw z5 rendering

According to a report by, citing sources with a good track record, BMW is looking to reinvent its Z series and wants to create …

According to a report by, citing sources with a good track record, BMW is looking to reinvent its Z series and wants to create a new standard of avant-garde and seductive models.

The candidates for the Z lineup are the BMW Z1, Z3 and Z5, three vehicles which would sport a more angular and exotic appearance in line with the Vision ConnectedDrive and the 328 Hommage Concept.

Despite the future evolution of BMW models, the sources say that BMW’s DNA will remain intact, so expect the typical long hood and short overhangs, and the driver-oriented cockpit.

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Just like all the new BMW models, the Z line-up will benefit from the use of carbon fiber mixed with high strength steel, magnesium, aluminum and thermoplastic. For example, extensive use of thermoplastic, magnesium and aluminum, with CFRP materials are fundamental to the Z5, the latter element present in the windscreen pillars, roof and hood.

BMW Z1 Reborn

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For years, the rumormill churned out that the BMW Z1 will make a comeback. The popular roadster is to this date one of the fan’s darlings and BMW aims to build upon that connection. The inside source says there will be two versions: BMW Z1 Z1 Roadster and Coupe. Is it a coincidence that BMW Group will stop building the MINI Coupe and Roadster ? These movements correspond to the strategic plan that BMW has in mind.

BMW Z1 is said to be built on the modular platform UKL1. The platform is the same one used for the Series 2 Active Tourer and the new MINI , a modular architecture that helps reduce production costs because it is flexible and can serve as a model structure. The front-wheel drive Z1 will use three and four-cylinder engines.

The return of BMW Z3


The new BMW Z3 is said to keep a very interesting balance between “sustainability” and sportsmanship. Two variants are also rumored: Coupe and Roadster. This model will fulfill all the requirements we have in our mind when we think of a BMW Roadster.

The future Z3 is characterized by a very low weight with a soft top and will feature three-, four- and six-cylinder engines, designed to rival the Porsche Boxster and Cayman.

The result of synergies with Toyota, the Z3 will have a Japanese equivalent: the second generation of GT86. The less powerful version of the Z3 will rise to the generation of Mazda MX-5 that has just left us.

BMW Z5 – A New Type Of Roadster

Rendering BMW Z5

Rendering BMW Z5

BMW Z5 is another roadster that has been rumored many times. Since BMW is in desperate need for a true sports roadster, the Z5 could be that car that puts BMW back on the map. The BMW Z4 will become the Z5 and it will be a great example of what Toyota and BMW can do when they work together towards the same goal; in fact, this will be the first project  together and expected to be ready for 2017.

The sources say the BMW Z5 will look terrific, following the classic roadster proportions, a huge hood, very elongated headlamps attached to the front kidneys to form the new visual identity of the Z models.

Same source mention the Z5 as a rival to the Porsche 911 and the newcomer Mercedes AMG GT. The future Z5 will be offered, as the Z1 and Z3, with a canvas roof and a coupe, this latest version will be a true 2 + 2 sports car.

The range will consist of gasoline engines, with options for four-cylinders and six cylinders, with a power range from 270 hp to past 400 hp. A hybrid version will sit at the top of the line-up and could reach 500 hp.