BMW sold over 11,000 i3 electric vehicles in U.S. in 2015

BMW i | January 5th, 2016 by 11
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In its first full year of sales in the U.S., the BMW i3 electric vehicle sold to 11,024 customers helping BMW break last year’s all …

In its first full year of sales in the U.S., the BMW i3 electric vehicle sold to 11,024 customers helping BMW break last year’s all time sales record. In 2015, BMW sold 346,023 units.
Despite the fierce competition from Nissan, Chevy and Tesla, the i3 continues to find a place in many homes and often the electric vehicle is paired with another conventionally-powered BMW.Two years after it went on sale, the BMW i3 has established itself at the pinnacle of its segment worldwide. In Germany, one in every four electrically-powered vehicles sold since then has been a BMW i3, globally it is one in 10. In the listings of the most popular EV models, the BMW i3 occupies third place on a world-wide basis since its market launch in November 2013. The most important single market for the all-electric five-door is the USA, where it ranks third as well. In Norway the BMW i3 has been the best-selling model across the entire BMW range in the current year.BMW Internet Of Things 10 750x504In July 2016, BMW will refresh its i3 electric car with a higher energy density battery. The current model consists of 8 x 2.7 kWh packs cells – each containing 12 x 3.75 volt, 60 Ah actual cells – wired in series for a nominal capacity of 21.8 kWh, 360 volts, of which 18.8 kWh are usable. The new battery is expected to have a 94Ah battery and the higher energy density will give the i3 an expected range of 120 miles. The actual rating will be issued by EPA after testing. EPA currently rates the i3 BEV at 81 miles.

BMW hinted at the possibility of current owners to retrofit the battery, but no final plans have been outlined.
An increased driving range has the potential to attract more customers to the BMW i brand, so we expect the 2016 sales to reach a new high.

11 responses to “BMW sold over 11,000 i3 electric vehicles in U.S. in 2015”

  1. John says:

    This is good news! Let’s hope the i5 is less ugly.

    • Alexandr Kjelbrand says:

      i3 ugly? Well, so you claim that all of those who have bought i3 is completely missing their sense of taste?

  2. Pixelbase Electric says:

    Good news indeed. I love mine. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  3. Steve Fenn says:

    I leased one last week. Very happy so far. Excellent performance and waking up to a full “tank” every morning is a great feeling.

  4. steven75 says:

    Love my i3 but will 120 miles be enough to fend off the looming Bolt at a significantly lower price? I have seen many i3 owners strongly considering a Bolt after their is lease is up, and I am one of them.

    • Reino-five-five-oh says:

      Yeah, because most BMW buyers typically cross-shop Chevys :/

      • steven75 says:

        You can’t compare with gas cars where they all have pretty much the same range–Taking that piece entirely out of the equation. BEVs are changing drastically every 2 years. A 120 mi BEV vs a 200 mi BEV is quite a contrast. and the brand doesn’t matter as much.

        Until BEVs proliferate, I think they will be cross-shopped across all brands. That is how I am looking at cars and from what I’ve read other EV buyers feel similar.

        I do agree that between a 200 mi AER BMW and a 200 mi AER Chevy I’d be likely to pick the BMW every time. But it doesn’t seem like that will be the case in 2017.

  5. johnbl says:

    This is the premier ALL BEV. BMW could not make a better looking, performing, and greener car. It had the courage to buck a marketplace that overwhelming measures cars by how they look not how they function. That day is changing and the i3 is just the start for the introduction of functional vehicle of the future. With the Bolt being the first copy cat..and I’m sure more to come.

  6. Jobin Eram says:

    Best car ever… and I love to stick it to SA and their oil. No more gasoline for me ever!

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