BMW adjusts to new EU emissions restrictions

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Following Volkswagen’s Dieselgate fiasco, BMW was also accused of tampering with its diesel engines by Auto Bild only to have the German publication retract its …

Following Volkswagen’s Dieselgate fiasco, BMW was also accused of tampering with its diesel engines by Auto Bild only to have the German publication retract its story. BMW’s diesel vehicles passed all government testing and there are no discrepancies between the test results and real-time road results of emissions in BMW’s diesel cars. Now, it seems that the European Union, as well as other government agencies around the world, are setting even tougher standards for CO2 emissions. By 2020, the restrictions will be so strict that the only way to achieve the proper emissions across the overall lineup will be with the extensive use of modern diesel engines and hybrid technology.

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The EU already has extremely strict emissions laws and the only way companies like BMW can achieve the demanded emissions is by use of diesel engines. BMW actually claims it’s not possible to meet the requirements without modern diesel engines, as diesels produce from 15 to 20 percent less CO2 than the standard petrol engine, on average. So BMW has greatly invested in diesel technology, especially with its EfficientDynamics engine line that is flexible for both kinds of fuel. But then again, BMW is a company that needs to invest highly in diesel, as it’s such a large part of BMW’s sales.

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Approximately 38 percent of all BMW’s sold worldwide are powered by diesel engines. 80 percent of all BMWs sold in Europe are diesel, 73 percent in Germany but only 6 percent in the US, however that 6 percent represents about 20,000 vehicles. Being that the EU has stricter emissions regulations than the US and companies like BMW are meeting them by selling all of these diesel cars, you’d figure we’d wise up as a nation and get more diesels. But I’ll save my breathe, as it won’t happen. The Euro 6 emissions standard, which took effect on 1 September 2015 and is binding for all new vehicle registrations, improves both environmental and consumer protection.

But since Dieselgate, the EU is working on a new series of testing to insure that there is no discrepancy between testing results and real world driving results. The testing will be known as “RDE”, or Real Driving Emissions”. BMW is already on board with this new style of testing, but of course it would be as BMW’s vehicles all passed during both kinds of testing. So BMW has nothing to hide. It will be interesting to see how Volkswagen handles such new testing procedures.


But with diesels being so important to the BMW brand, and the success its already had in both sales and testing, BMW is going to do everything it can to comply with all new diesel regulations and restrictions as it must. This is good, though, as we know that as customers we can trust BMW to produce diesel engines that not only deliver on the advertised power and efficiency BMW promises but that they will comply with all necessary restrictions and be completely legal. As Nikki Lauda in “Rush” said “It’s good for everyone that the fastest car is also a legal car”.

11 responses to “BMW adjusts to new EU emissions restrictions”

  1. Jay Allenby says:

    BMW needs to sue Bild.

  2. Guest says:

    Still lying about the Autobild article without providing a single quote as proof of your made up accusations and citing an article that you wrote as a source? Man i thought you hit an absolute low when you wrote that article comparing BMW, Audi and Mercedes v8s in which every single specification was wrong. But now it’s just getting sad. You are very bad at your job and apparently don’t even realize it.

    • Not sure where you’re getting you’re info, but we have written articles about what Auto Bild wrote with statements from BMW about the matter. So not sure where we’d be lying, especially since you failed to provide examples of your own but just attempted to insult.

      • Guest says:

        Lol what? I’ve said like ten times in earlier posts that Autobild never provided false information in their article and they never retracted anything regarding the icct’s findings about the x3 they tested. They specificly never accused BMW of cheating.
        I get my Information from the original source meaning the article in AUTO BILD 39/2015 plus the revised article on their website in which they emphasize that the revision is not a retraction since there are no faults in either the printed or the online article.
        Also since you’re the one accusing autobild of providing false fnformation and lying you’re the one who has to back that allegation up. Sadly for you though you can’t since it never happened. So the articles you wrote about autobild are blatant lies. That is exactly my point. I can’t disprove anything you wrote specificly since you never provided any quotes or anything at all that could proof your statements. So feel free to provide any quotes from autobild that prove they gave out false Information, accused BMW of cheating or retracted their article. If you can’t just accept the fact that you’re lying and just don’t do it again.

        • Horatiu B. says:

          Are you going to let it go already? Autobild implied through their article that BMW cheated, hence why BMW reacted to it. Otherwise, why would they?
          Just stop already, we heard your point, now move on.

          • Guest says:

            Guy, are you kidding me? autobild never implied that. BMW reacted because of the drop in stock price.
            Why should I let it go if he responds to me accusing me of attempting to insult him eventhough i’m just calling him on his made up stories? Also you’re still mainting that autobild accused BMW of cheating but you haven’t even read the article.
            And I will move on, since you got caught in a lie but won’t admit it or even correct it your credibility as a source of information is gone. I already deleted the bookmark. I only came back to explain to Nico why he is bad at his job and how he can improve since he replied to my comment.

          • Guest says:


  3. Senne says:

    Really amazing to know BMW is within the regulations for all their engines! :) Indeed they should sue Autobild!!

  4. Billy The Hillbilly says:

    Meanwhile in China & India…

    We are so full of rubbish w/ those measures..

  5. filipv says:

    It is still a mystery to me that you stated “US life would be so much better with Diesel”. And in the midst of Dieselgate I would not trust ANY car manufacturer regarding real life emission figures (“… we can trust BMW…”). Please understand that Europe is not in love with diesel, but is steered by the wrong fuel price and tax incentives, as more and more local governments and cities struggling with NOx and particulate matter start to realize. As a European (and BMW fan!) I would argue against diesel, but strongly in favor of a much faster introduction of plug-in (PHEV and BEV) cars. It is very simple: if CO2 regulations force BMW and others to prioritize diesel, these regulations are wrong.

    • Li says:

      I strongly agree with you Filipv, the way forward is the introduction of modern electric powered engines. It’s not always about consumers being misled by car manufacturers and their dealers, but also about public’s health. It’s sad to hear of the number of deaths from these toxic fuels. For that reason alone, some of us will never own a diesel powered vehicle again.

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