Drag Race: BMW M4 vs. Tesla Models S P85D

BMW M4, Videos | August 23rd, 2015 by 23
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BMW M4 takes on the Tesla Model S P85D in a rolling-start drag race. At a first glance, the drag race seems to be far …

BMW M4 takes on the Tesla Model S P85D in a rolling-start drag race. At a first glance, the drag race seems to be far from being fair; the BMW M4, powered by a 3.0 liter inline-six engine delivers 425 horsepower, while the super electric sedan from Tesla outputs 700 horsepower.

Due to the rolling start, the Tesla Model S P85D loses its instant torque advantage. Also, Model S doesn’t have the gear ratio for high speeds, which coupled with the electric motor characteristics makes it a fast accelerating car. Any turbocharged internal combustion engine with lots of gears has a distinct advantage in a drag race from a rolling-start.

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The P85d delivers its massive torque all the way to 45mph, max power from 45 mph to 75 mph but after that, due to the lack of a seconds gear, it falls away.

As seen on the video, the M4 Coupe easily pulls ahead after a few seconds leaving behind the Tesla.

23 responses to “Drag Race: BMW M4 vs. Tesla Models S P85D”

  1. StefanoR99 says:

    Livelong BMW fan but doing a rolling start just to show an M4 will beat a Tesla is kind of rigging the race in favor of the BMW? Does the Tesla beat it in a quarter mile drag race or something? Feels a tad unnecessary.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      I agree. Apparently their excuse is that it’s normal to see rolling starts in every day driving

      • Ken says:

        That excuse is a total fail since real world driving involves mostly starts from lights and stop signs.

        They are desperately lying to try and make their ancient, inferior tech still appear relevant.
        It’s not.

        • FilipMPower says:

          Wrong, in Germany at least stop light races are rare, it is a lot more frequent to cruise next to someone at around 130 kmh on the autobahn, then challenge someone to a race, and see who wins on the autobahn. Not every race is a stop light race, especially if there is only 100 meters between two stoplights.

          • Ken says:

            Completely wrong. Most driving in the world involves stopping and starting.

            The Tesla destroys the ancient inferior BMW tech in actual driving conditions.

            That’s just one of the reasons the Tesla has outsold all gas cars in its class in the US.

          • StefanoR99 says:

            Actually this is the difference between Europe and US driving. In Europe there’s many more instances of “Yield” at junctions rather than a “Stop”. If you’re living in Germany speeds of 100mph + are common.

            The rest of Europe you’re risking your license if you’re caught over 95mph so performance beyond that really is only for the track unless speed limits are raised (which should be possible with semi-autonomous cars).

            However the “standard” benchmarks are usually 0-60 (or 0-100km/h), 50-70 and the quater mile. Measuring from a rolling start is fine but should also show what happens from a standstill.

          • Ken says:

            Yes, the vast majority of driving throughout the world is well below the Tesla’s 155 mph top speed.

            It is designed for the best driving experience and performance in the vast majority of actual driving needs.

            Track performance has little relevance in the real world.

          • FilipMPower says:

            No doubt, I guess in the states, a standstill drag race is most common, and most people will still like cars which have faster 0-60 times than others. However, I still believe that 0-60 times are rather overrated. It is one aspect of car performance which seems to mean a lot more than any other one. Just as a well steering car doesn’t mean it’s good performing, or a well sounding car doesn’t mean it Performs well, I don’t think a fast 0-60 time means good performance either. Of course, there are cars great around corners and in a straight (godzilla). It is the package that makes great performers great, like godzilla and the GT3. I saw a great video by the former MT editor, Carlos Lago, where he talks about his opinion on 0-60 times, I can’t link it now, but you should take a look.

          • StefanoR99 says:

            I completely agree with you but it still feels that the article is cherry picked to show BMW beating a Tesla over a metric that it is certain to win which is something that BMW doesn’t have to do. Also considering the size of the Tesla a VS against an M5 would have been more appropriate.

          • FilipMPower says:

            Bro, why are you so hostile. BMW doesn’t have inferior tech in the least. Tesla launches so hard because of the two huge electric motors pushing out 700 hp. That has nothing to do with modern tech. By the way ‘pal’, if you are going to do standard city driving, then you are on the wrong forum. Buy your tesla, but know that the BMW has the Tesla covered in Handling by a long shot, and that 0-60 numbers are a bragging right for audi drivers. Especially because any BMW with more than 300 or more horses will outperform the tesla past 60-80 mph.

            Frankly, Handling is more of a performance measurement of a car than 0-60 times. And if you don’t think that’s true, then the BMW news page is the wrong place to be.

          • Ken says:

            ICE tech is vastly inferior to battery electrics. And you are wrong, the P90D will easily outperform the BMW. It is faster in the quarter.

            This is a BMW blog, not a race car blog so I am in the right place. This blog showed a race with a Tesla so I’m in the right place.

          • FilipMPower says:

            While I agree that electric motors are great and efficient, batteries aren’t. In fact, batteries are so bad, they almost ruin the whole electric car experience. Low range, huge weight, Immensely long charge time and very expensive repair cost or exchange cost. And this is why ICE cars are still more popular than Electric cars. Electric cars require huge infrastructure.

            And no, the P90D would win the quarter mile, but mainly because of the launch. Past the quarter, the tesla would fall apart.

            You are in the right place if you are looking for BMW news. But you seem to hate on BMW and promote Tesla. Wrong place if you are going to say BMW is inferior, even though it superior in every way except maintenance costs and acceleration. Everything else, BMW takes over. Handling, service availability, safety technologies, power and drive trains, futuristic lighting, customisability and quality of build, and most importantly, chassis and suspension.

          • Ken says:

            Completely wrong. The Tesla battery charges in zero effective time while you sleep saving you over 10 hours a year driving to and waiting in ancient gas stations. Virtually no one who has experienced charging at home would ever go back to that ridiculous practice.

            The Tesla battery will cost thousands less to replace after warranty than the cost of fuel in a gas car over the same period.

            Those are some of the reasons the Tesla has outsold all gas cars in its class in the US.

            As I said before, in real world driving the Tesla wins. Above 110 or 120 mph is a desperate, useless measurement.

            The Tesla has the highest overall quality rating in Consumer Reports history easily beating all BMWs.

            The Tesla also has the highest Customer Satisfaction rating in CR’s history also easily beating all BMWs.

            In fact the BMW flagship 7 Series tested so poorly that Consumer Reports doesn’t even recommend it while Tesla is CR’s #1 recommended car. So your claims about BMW quality are a fail.

            Tesla’s service was also rated higher than any other car compant service (or independents), easily beating BMW again.

            The Tesla also has the highest safety ratings of any car in history and also has the best real world safety record of any car in history – beating BMW again.

            I’m not hating on BMW, I am just stating facts. ICE cars cannot compete with the Tesla at this price point.

            Try doing some actual research instead of just making things up.

          • FilipMPower says:

            Do you really think every person has a private garage to charge their car in every night. Most people I know which drive large executivee saloons a la A8, S class and 7 series don’t own houses, rather condo apartments in various cities as they use their car when they are on the move. The reality is that at least in Europe, most people dont have their own house and garage, they have apartments. And with the range on a tesla, have fun going on a road trip. As if it wouldnt be painful enough to stop every 3 hours to charge a car for 30 mins, imagine no supercharger was available on route. You would have to plan in extra days on a cross country road trip.

            You can assume that a replacement battery on a tesla would cost at least 10 thousand dollars out of warranty, and lets be generous and say the battery might last even a full 8 years! You would have to drive around 100,000 miles to waste that much money on petrol, and cover around 165,000 miles for diesel. Most people (in Europe at least) lease a powerful, diesel large exec car which they trade in for a new one 3 years anyway. Running costs? Not that high of a difference if you think about it. Especially when you realise that replacement parts on a Tesla will be a lot more expensive than on ICE cars, where a lot of parts are shared. Granted though is, that a Tesla will therefore have a lot less problems compared than an ICE car with worse reliability.

            As in quality, I wasnt referring to reliability, as an EV hands down wins in that respect. With quality, I was referring to the interior quality and materials, stitching, exterior paint, sophistication in suspension, and this is where BMW wins over tesla, again. Today I think the new 2016 7 series first reviews are out. Look at one of them and read the article about the interior. You wont be able to convince anyone that the interior in the tesla is better. And the individual BMW paint, another high quality exclusive feature.

            Customer satisfaction ratings are not something I like to address as most people that report having problems and being unsatisfied with a car are people with reliability issues, which ICE cars have over EV vehicles with little number of components.

            As I already mentioned, take a look at the new 7 series review, not the 7 year old model. And tell me, does any reviewer seem dissappointed with the model? No doubt the Tesla is recommend because of the positive consumer reports, but as I said, consumers with negative experiences with lemons as cars will be active the most.

            I cant seem to find any reports of Tesla having the best service, except on the tesla website, tooting their own horn, so please, source that.

            And It might be better to not believe tesla is the safest car, as that award waa given in comparison to car costing less than 50k. Safety wasnt tested against its competitors, A8, S class, 7 series, so yeah, that safety award is useless.

            I dont hate E-cars, they are the future, but right now, ICE is more practical and accessible nowadays, and Tesla lacks automotive knowledge required to properly beat all of its competitors. Teslas are popular because people like to get into new trends and feel like they are helping the environment, and some brainlessly think that 0-60 numbers are important and jerk off to 3 seconds to 60 times. Real driving isnt about numbers, but some people might buy teslas because they think that. That trend will soon die out and tesla sales will probably drop significantly if no new car is brought out, where even more people can join the Tesla trend! Yay! *sigh*

          • Ken says:

            You are proving that you are a liar.

            The Tesla just broke the Consumer Reports rating scale, scoring 103 out of 100. They had to change the scale to accommodate how superior the car is to all others – including BMW. The Tesla got a perfect score.

            It only gets a score like that because it beats other cars in most everything – not just fuel efficiency, so you are lying.

            The Tesla paint jobs are actually at a level of a $300,000 Aston Martin, so, once again trouncing BMW.

            Consumer Reports does not even recommend the BMW 7 Series because it tested so poorly – exactly as I said.

            You don’t seem to understand that CR rates their cars themselves and scored the BMW too low to recommend.

            Other car magazines take money from BMW, Consumer Reports is non-profit and takes no advertising so it is easy to see who to trust if you have a brain in your head.

            CR’s Customer Satisfaction rating is equal for all cars so it is accurate as to which is the best and Tesla wins by a lot. More people will buy a Tesla again because it is vastly superior to any ICE car in its price range as well as cars that cost more than twice as much.

            It was a CR survey that proved Tesla also had the best service centers too.

            “Consumer Reports: Tesla #1 In Service/Repair – Beats Independent Shops & Dealerships

            Tesla Motors has proven that its company-owned service centers are more than capable of delivering a repair satisfaction experience well beyond that of new franchised car dealerships and even independent repair shops.
            In Consumer Reports’ latest survey of repair satisfaction, Tesla scored the top marks.”

            Again, BMW is not even close – again.

            It is also a fact that the Tesla has the highest safety test scores in the history of the NHTSA and the best real world safety record of any car on the planet – exactly as I said. It is not something I ‘believe’. It is a simple fact. There is no car company that comes close – especially BMW which didn’t even get top scores on all crash ratings.

            The new Model X will start delivering before the end of the year and is sold out for over a year. There is still a waiting list for the Model S even though production has increased. Tesla is growing 10 times faster than any car company on the planet so your predictions of a slowdown are brain-dead.

            You are nothing but a BMW fanboy clinging to the past and too dim or dishonest to comprehend that the future has just rolled over you.

            Try and catch up and stop lying.

          • FilipMPower says:

            You mention points you already mentioned and which I addressed and simply deny my statements, and you call me a liar?

            Sorry I can’t seriously think you have automobile knowledge, so you stick to your Tesla, I’ll stick to BMW and we will see how things might change.

          • Ken says:

            You are a liar.

            You say I don’t have automobile knowledge, yet I proved again and again I knew many things you didn’t about the autos in questions.

            So I just proved you a liar.

            You also lied about the Tesla battery. All data proves the battery will easily last more than 10 years – not 8.

            I just proved you a liar – again.

            The Tesla is recommended by Consumer Reports based on multiple tests given by many different engineers – not because of customer recommendations.

            I just proved you a liar – again. I could go on.

            Things have already changed. The Tesla out-rates, out-performs and out-sells the BMW 7 series.

            No amount of your lying is going to change that.

          • FilipMPower says:

            I’m sorry, I’m done with arguing with someone who says people are liars, when they say ‘facts’ without any background or source.

          • Ken says:

            You just lied again.

            I posted facts that are easy to prove. If you had the most basic grade school computer skills, you could have confirmed them yourself but since you clearly don’t, I’ll have to show you.

            From CR: “Consumer Reports operates the largest and most sophisticated independent automobile testing center devoted to the consumer interest anywhere in the world. Situated on 327 acres in rural Connecticut, the Consumer Reports Auto Test Center is home to more than 20 staff members, including automotive engineers, technicians, and support staff. Consumer Reports buys, anonymously, all the cars it tests, about 80 per year, and drives each for thousands of miles.

            Formal testing is done at the track and on surrounding public roads. The evaluation regimen consists of more than 50 individual tests. Objective, instrumented track tests using state-of-the-art electronic gear that yield empirical findings.”

            The Tesla is recommended by Consumer Reports based on multiple tests given by many different engineers – not because of customer recommendations – exactly as I said.

            The above source proves you a liar.

            From Clean Technica: “Plug In America Forecasts 10-Year Lifespan For Tesla Roadster Battery”

            So I have now given multiple sources that prove you are a liar.

            You lied and then lied again when yo claim you didn’t lie.

            The Tesla out-rates, out-performs and out-sells the BMW 7 series – exactly as I said.

            No amount of your lying is going to change that.

          • FilipMPower says:

            Before you call me out as a liar again you churlish brat, tell me which tesla S you prefer, the P85 RWD or the P85D AWD. Not long ago I saw a comparison between the S hybrid panamera, BMW M5 and Tesla P60 I believe. The M5 was obviously the winner with its engine and suspension, but surprisingly, the Tesla was sportier to drive than the panamera, not sportier than the M5, but sportier than the Panamera! I had mad respect for the Tesla to handle rather well, but mostly I read that the D version tesla is faster in the straight, but doesn’t handle even close to as well as the RWD model, due to higher weight and drive on the steering axle.

            By the way, don’t give me clean technica as a source, an underdog in news. The point is not And the Consumer Report was mentioned couple of times already. And don’t make an ultimate decision based on Consumer Reports, one example is the hellcat vs the Tesla, where the Hellcat won, by a small margin, but still won on the MT comparison.

            Now if you want to continue this conversion, do so in a normal manner and slip out of the stubborn mentality. Mentioning that I’m a liar 50 times seems immature to me.

          • Ken says:

            If you don’t want to be called a liar, stop lying and apologize for your lies.

            You are the proven liar – not Clean Technica. Making accusations with no facts against a credible publication is just more proof of your extreme dishonesty and continued lies.

            The P85D handles even better than the 2 wheel drive version and the Hellcat doesn’t come close to beating it.

            I’ve described to you Consumer Reports state-of-the-art testing system. I explained they are a non-profit that takes no advertising so they have no bias.

            The vast majority of all car publications also rave about the Tesla. Multiple surveys give Tesla the highest Customer Satisfaction ratings in history.
            So the Consumer Reports reviews and ratings have proven true.

            Questioning their reviews and rating just because they point out all the BMW fails is just more proof of your dishonestly and refusal to admit the truth.

            Pretty pathetic at this point. You should apologize for your lies.

  2. P.I says:

    Sorry to say, but the Tesla didn’t even shut the window, had a second guy filming from inside and it would be nice to see wich speeds they started from/reached…
    This does not look very legit to me. It seems like they wanted the M4 to win. Not that I don’t believe it could, but the circumstances look rather biased.

  3. Sinnapappa says:

    I’ve driven the Tesla P85D and the acceleration is pure adrelaline. 0-60 in sub 3 seconds and acceleration when it counts, within “still keeps licence” limits. If my numbers turned up in the lottery I’d buy a M2. It’ll be the last of an mechanical past, but the P85D is the future.

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