Drag Race: Tesla P85D Insane Mode vs BMW i8

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2014 bmw i8 tesla model s front end in motion 750x500

Watch below a drag race between the Tesla Model S P85D and the BMW i8. The two cars go at each other on a straight …

Watch below a drag race between the Tesla Model S P85D and the BMW i8. The two cars go at each other on a straight line from a complete stop and with a 15 mph roll. Tesla’s P85D puts down 691 horsepower and 687 lb-ft of torque, all available from zero rpm. The i8 uses a 1.5 liter 3-cylinder turbo engine coupled with two electric motors producing a total of 362 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque.

Even though the i8 is significantly lighter than the P85D, 3,439 lbs vs 4,936 lbs, the nearly double power found in the Tesla is no match for the i8. Both drag races show the P85D taking a comfortable lead within the first seconds.

Let’s have a look.

2014 bmw i8 tesla model s front end in motion 750x498

10 responses to “Drag Race: Tesla P85D Insane Mode vs BMW i8”

  1. Icebreakerr says:

    id still take the i8..

  2. Daniel Johnson says:

    The Tesla driver has a quicker reaction, and it seems he is the one flagging the start, so that makes sense. I do think it is a little quicker off the line, but nothing as drastic as these videos would make you think. In every “race” it looks like the i8 starts to pull back ground after ~60mph, and looking on the second video where the i8 actually had a decent reaction time you can see that it is faster at speed, though the Tesla driver claims his car went into a low power mode from the heat. But seriously, why do people do this on public roads? We created drag strips for a reason.
    I hope we won’t see more videos of illegal street racing on this site in the future, it only fuels the flame.

    • WeaponZero says:

      The difference is that big, if anything the Tesla Model S is gives a handycap by starting at 15mph. The P85D has a 0-60 time of 3.1 seconds. Will soon be 2.8 seconds with the ludicrous update.

      • Daniel Johnson says:

        When Motortrend tested the 2014 P85+ it did 12.5s vs the i8’s 12.4 seconds. The 2015 P85D does improve on that time, down to 11.8 seconds. The first race the i8 misses the start by ~1 second, and is ~2 seconds down by the first road sign. Tesla claims the P85D in Ludicrous mode will hit 10.9, which is a closer difference to what is seen in these videos. Perhaps the more impressive test result though, is that the Tesla stops faster from 60mph, I am sure the skinny tires on the i8 are at fault for that one though. It is also worth noting that most reviews have shown the i8 is faster without launch control (as much as half a second in the quarter), and we don’t know if this owner is using it or not.

        • mgboyes says:

          I think these drag times should include the time it takes to reconfigure the car from “standard driving mode” into whatever special launch mode it might have :-)

          Whatever Tesla do the Model S is never going to compete with a “traditional” supercar at high speeds – it’s just too heavy to have a spectacular 60-120 time or beyond, which is why quarter and half mile times are less amazing than you might expect given the power. Different cars for different situations I guess – but I’d choose a car for its 0-60 rather than it’s 60-120 since the latter is pretty much irrelevant on a public road.

  3. CDspeed says:

    The i8 looks like a fast supercar, but it’s soon let down by its sluggish hybrid power. The P85D is just too powerful for the i8, and with the Model S’s recent upgrade forget about it.

  4. Raphael Sturm says:

    They should have made the i8 fully electric, with its superior light weight body, it could have been like the Tesla, just faster. It could have been THE electric supercar, imagine a 760hp i8! But they tried a hybrid, sadly…

  5. Mathias Carlberg says:

    BMW i8 is a clown car. The Tesla is a real EV that beats it in every single aspect. Tjis is before the new ludicrious mode… Dont compare those cars… The Tesla is on another planet…

  6. Typo alert: “the Tesla is no match for the i8” should read “the i8 is no match for the Tesla”.

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