BMW M4 takes on the Tesla Model S P85D in a rolling-start drag race. At a first glance, the drag race seems to be far from being fair; the BMW M4, powered by a 3.0 liter inline-six engine delivers 425 horsepower, while the super electric sedan from Tesla outputs 700 horsepower.

Due to the rolling start, the Tesla Model S P85D loses its instant torque advantage. Also, Model S doesn’t have the gear ratio for high speeds, which coupled with the electric motor characteristics makes it a fast accelerating car. Any turbocharged internal combustion engine with lots of gears has a distinct advantage in a drag race from a rolling-start.


The P85d delivers its massive torque all the way to 45mph, max power from 45 mph to 75 mph but after that, due to the lack of a seconds gear, it falls away.

As seen on the video, the M4 Coupe easily pulls ahead after a few seconds leaving behind the Tesla.