2015 BMW Z4 looks great in Estoril Blue

BMW Z4 | May 31st, 2015 by 15
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In conjunction with the M Sport Package, the 2015 BMW Z4 Roadster will be available for the first time in Estoril Blue metallic as from …

In conjunction with the M Sport Package, the 2015 BMW Z4 Roadster will be available for the first time in Estoril Blue metallic as from July 2015. Just like the other BMW models with the M Sport Package, the Z4 can now make use of the beautiful blue shade which denotes sportiness and speed.

While BMW struggles with the Z4 sales, the only roadster in the line-up is still one of the best looking bimmers one can buy today. With the premium roadster market spiraling down, it remains to be seen whether BMW will launch a refreshed Z4 or simply reviving the BMW roadster with a brand new model.

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At the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, Klaus Frohlich, BMW’s new head of R&D, told the press that not only a Z4 replacement is in works, but also confirmed that it will be developed together with Toyota.

BMW and Toyota currently collaborate on a common sports car architecture, hybrid drivetrains and lightweight technologies. The collaboration will allow both companies to save significant R&D costs.

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The global market for roadsters has declined forcing BMW to seek a cost-effective way to update the two-seater.

Z4 sales declined by 11 percent to about 5,300 cars in Europe last year, according to data from JATO Dynamics. BMW said it U.S. volumes for the Z4 fell 13 percent to 2,150 cars. Typically the three biggest markets for the segment are the U.S., UK and Germany.

15 responses to “2015 BMW Z4 looks great in Estoril Blue”

  1. Stephen Garrett says:

    BMW Sales and Marketing Team-

    Person-in-Charge- “Guys, why are sales of our Z4 so poor?”

    Person 1- “Because it’s overweight, underperforming, outdated, and monstrously overpriced.”

    PiC- “No, no, that’s not it. It’s a great car. But what can we do to increase interest and sales?”

    Person 2- “Ooh, I know. How about we just offer it in one of our most famous colors now- Estoril Blue?”

    PiC- “That’s brilliant! That has to work, people love Estoril Blue!”

    If you think it’s funny, it’s probably exactly how this actually played out. Pathetic.

    • MyGunIsNotPrejudice says:

      All your post is about BMW, if you hate the brand so much, why the fuck are you here? You made the similar comments on many others, did you think it was funny the first time? It’s amazing how you dedicated your time to hate a car you probably don’t even own. Get a life little man and tell that ugly girl in the picture to go out in the sun for a change.

  2. cheerss says:

    The global market for roadsters has declined?
    Um, I guess that’s why Porsche is doing so well with their Boxster and 911 Cabrio. The market is so poor that Mazda just released a new Miata (which appears to be brilliant).
    Let’s be honest – the real problem is the Z4, Mercedes SLK, and Audi TT are all really dated, boring, and unappealing cars.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Ok, most of the global market

      • cheerss says:

        Hi Horatiu, not really a criticism on your writing. I’ve heard the same written elsewhere. More a problem with the execs at BMW and MB rationalizing why their own roadsters are selling so poorly in the market.

        • Horatiu B. says:

          No worries, I didn’t take it personal. I appreciate the feedback and corrections. I should have been more careful and mention the success of the Boxter.

        • Horatiu B. says:

          And they mainly sell badly cause they are too damn expensive for what they offer. I can’t see myself paying 65k for a Z4. Maybe 40K-45K, but that’s about it.

          • cheerss says:

            Exactly sir. When it comes time to buy, they simply can’t compete with their product at those price points.

          • trollsbwild says:

            Just bought a 2014 Z4 S Drive 3.5i- pre-owned that came off two year lease- driven 6,500 miles. Bought for $22K less than sticker. Got certified – extended warranty to 75K miles.

            The car is a good value at this point. Love the Porsche Boxster, but maintenance is never mentioned. Oil changes for this car are a grand.

          • trollsbwild says:

            Update…had a Dinan software install. Increase from 306 bhp to 376 bhp. Very happy with the car.

    • Stephen Garrett says:

      Exactly. Instead of blaming the market, maybe blame themselves for making a car grotesquely overpriced and underwhelming. It’s got looks that kill, but in a sport roadster, the drive should be first on the priority list.

    • MyGunIsNotPrejudice says:

      Didn’t know the 911 was a roadster. Do you even know what a roadster is? The Z4 is a beautiful car, you need to get your eyes checked. The Miata is Mazda iconic car, of course they’re going to make it. $30,000 for something that has 155 HP, hah. Don’t be a snob, I would smack the snobbiness out of you.

  3. bu11ish says:

    I find it bizarre that people can be going made for M135is and M235is and a company won’t take a punt on a very fast affordable roadster – with a price point of £37k I can’t see how one can go wrong…

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