First official photos of BMW i8 Key fob

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First official photo of the BMW i8 key fob is finally here. While BMW has never advertised the high-tech key fob for the i8, first …

First official photo of the BMW i8 key fob is finally here. While BMW has never advertised the high-tech key fob for the i8, first photos emerged on the interwebs in later 2013.

The i8 key displayed here also has, besides the usual buttons for locking and unlocking, a small display that offers diverse vehicle information such as the remaining range and the levels of lithium-ion battery and tank display.

First official photos of BMW i8 Key fob

The BMW i8 key fob is for the first time shown in the context of the 2014 BMW i8 Concours d’Elegance Edition unveiled at Pebble Beach. Although there are no official statements on the technology of the key, it is a certain that it resembles the BMW i app for the Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch.

First official photos of BMW i8 Key fob

Stay tuned for more info!

[Source: Bimmertoday]

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  • CDspeed

    It’s cool but the BMW i Remote app works great, and with this i8 key you’ll have to keep it charged. My i3, and 5GT both have keys you can’t charge, and the battery in my 5GT’s key lasted four years before I needed to change it. So as cool as a key with a color screen is, it isn’t really necessary, and you’ll have to treat it like a second cell phone, keeping it charged, and trying to protect its screen from scratches, remember it will be in your pocket with your house keys. I like my i3’s key, and app combination better, I have no need to take my i3’s key out of my pocket, and if I want to check on my car I can look at my phone.

    • David Khaykin

      For gadget-heads and tech-heads this is the coolest thing since sliced bread. It fits the i8 perfectly and is unique as the car itself. Btw, i8 owners will still have the BMW i app available.

      And personally I don’t carry keys – just the key I need for the vehicle I am driving (or riding). So at least for one person, it’s a non-issue to carry this awesome piece of tech.

      Because display key!!

      • CDspeed

        I already knew the i8 would also use the remote app. I have house keys on my key ring, just incase my door opener fails, or if I happen to return home to find the power is out. Both things have happened to me, but having a key gave me a backup way to get in. The i8’s key is cool, no argument there, but it does technically give you a second mobile device to look after, and it’s the same info you’ll get from the app so it is a bit repetitive. It’s especially repetitive because once your in the car all that information will be displayed in the gauge, and navigation screens. It’s not really necessary to have the same information in three places.

        • David Khaykin

          I hear what you’re saying. The necessity argument can be used for many modern conveniences. So, I even agree that it’s not necessary.

          In fact, BMW nearly cancelled the Display Key for that reason – you can get the same info from the app. When they delivered the first 8 i8s in Germany, there were a lot of questions about the Display Key and the main comment was, paraphrased, “it’s the car of the future, it should have the key of the future.”

          I appreciate the Display Key for doing something never before done on a key, and being congruent with the i8 concept. Similar to a Huayra that has a beautiful crafted mini-Huayra key, and some other cars that follow that mold beyond just a simple key fob.

          • CDspeed

            I guess it comes down to living with it, would we actually use it. We’ll just have to look forward to some owner’s reviews to find out…………or buy an i8.

  • slloydyy

    good luck getting extra/replacement keys/fobs!!
    I’d say shipped from Europe 3-6 weeks
    and a nice $2000.00 minimum

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