Photo Comparison: 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class vs BMW 7 Series Facelift

7-series | May 16th, 2013 by 38

The 2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class made its web debut this week. The luxurious sedan carried the codename W222 and it is intended to give the Munich-based …

The 2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class made its web debut this week. The luxurious sedan carried the codename W222 and it is intended to give the Munich-based automaker BMW and Ingolstadt’s Audi a run for their money. The 2013 S-Class competes against the 7 Series and the Audi A8.

It’s the sixth generation of the venerable sedan that’s been on sale since 1972, and will become available to customers in September of this year.

The new S-Class offers feature groundbreaking technologies such as a camera-based adaptive suspension, LED lighting throughout the entire vehicle, and an interior design that takes luxury to a new level. The new S-Class retains the same wheelbase dimension and length, but it is almost 300 pounds lighter thanks to a greater use of aluminum in the car’s construction.


The exterior lighting, and all lighting throughout the new S-Class, is LED, making the car the first in the world to be built without a single light bulb. Mercedes said the car uses nearly 500 LED lights.

Inside the 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class brings major changes. The automaker did away with all analog gauges, instead replacing the instrument panel with a 12.3-inch digital screen which displays all the relevant information, from speed to navigation directions.

A second screen of equal size displays the vehicle’s infotainment, full navigation system and climate control.


The engine in the highest-offering S550 is a twin-turbocharged 4.7-liter V8 with 455 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque.

As always, we are giving you a photo comparison against the BMW counterpart and we encourage you to tell us your thoughts in the section below.

[Photos: Bimmertoday]

  • Marcelo Macedo

    I LOVE BMW but it looks like Munich will have to rush!

  • Dimitrij

    King is back!
    I thought interior BMW’s is luxury cool but Uuuuups! I feel the interior of Merc is competitor now for Rolls Royce more than with BMW.
    And exterior of Mercedes looks much more luxury as well. Where is E38 in modern design? ;((

    • Boldyforce

      Dimitrij , much respect on your fraze “…Where is E38 in modern design?…”
      I still have one of these in perfect state 5.4 V 12 – i feel great sitting in it – also have 2009 7th – but not even close

  • mcMAC

    bmw’s gotta up their ante….however i have confidence in the upcoming 2016 7 series…bmw’s gotta vastly improve on their interior design though…the current one looks as exciting as a furniture with buttons…

  • Ameer

    What all of u r talking about? the benz looks sooo ugly from inside, its full of wood and luxury materials, but looks like a truck from inside, super ugly, out side is almost same all benz not exciting for last few years, so boring, if u look to the BMW its much better and luxury lines from outside even its old comparing to the benz, the 7 series still can stand and beat such an boring car, when benz will so something more special?

    • viper

      what a blind fanboy , the S class is now a class above 7er , it’s all about luxury in this segment , it is completley different from any other merc , unlike bmw7 = bmw5 series , you really have no idea what’s going on here huh?

    • ARK

      Such a worthless analysis, too much biased and discriminating. The current BMW stands no where before the latest S-class. Not in a single segment does the bimmer give the new merc any sort of competition. Its looks are fresh modern and reflect heritage and tradition. As far as the interior is concerned if u dislike too much of wood and luxury materials you should keep yourself happy with a Toyota corolla.

    • Dinata_Berlinetta

      in sport area bmw win, but in LUXURY teritory bmw is nothing compared by Mercedes, especially S Class! DIFFERENT LEVEL DUDE.

      • Jim taylor

        Yeah but both these cars are suppose to be luxury

  • Truong Giang

    Daimler failed to seek customers who were willing to pay $400k for a Maybach that looks like a $100k S-Class, now let’s see if they could find customers who would pay $100k for a S-Class that looks like a $30k CLA

  • auaq

    Aside from the interior of the S-class, I’m not too keen on the steering wheel though. But, both are good looking cars.

  • BMW N1

    No chance here for BMW since the S-Class is two heads above the 7 Series in terms of everything.

  • Tom

    BMW hands down with regards to exterior and interior.

  • kodey

    I have always thought the 7er had all around better looks, inside and out. I do give props to the S-class for this interior. I find the futuristic dash adds something totally new and never before attempted. Looks very futuristic; I am a sucker for gadgets and gizmos though.. The exterior of the S-class is just terrible imo.. I think the only good angle is from the side, once you get a clear look at the ass end, you just simply want to run away.. And like someone else said, it looks like a 100k CLA from the exterior…..

  • behzad

    من عاشق بی.ام.و هستم ولی بنز با این سبک طراحی سری 7 را به سایه برده.نکته مثبت دیگه بنز اس 63 چهار چرخ متحرک بودنش است.بئ.ام و باید به طرحهای مدرن روی بیاورد. از اوردن ام 7 هم قافل نشود.ان هم چهار چرخ متحرک که خیلی مهم است.

  • Giom

    Wow, for once a Merc I admire. They’ve done an excellent job with this car, no doubt BMW will match and surpass the effort, but you have to give it to the Benz for now.

  • sas

    the merc looks rather ridiculous….in my opinion

  • Koka Kvirkvelia

    S Class is kills. Now it aims to upper segment like Rols and Bently. A8 and 7 series are like toys for it now.


    dear BMW if you want to compete with ‘That’ you will seriously need to re-think your philosophy , ‘That’ looks more like a ROLLS or a Bentley competitor , based on everything the current 7er is at least one class BELOW.

  • viper

    actually the only rival to this S class could be the new audi A9 , the uber more luxurious version of a8 , thats like bmw making their own super luxury uber alpina sevener under a bmw badge , with a totally new designed interior , there should not be any similarity with the current 7 or any other bmw . it should be totally different , and I mean totally , thats how merc does it..

    • my above look like DOG


  • Wilmount

    Bmw dashboard get boring now i think they need to change up some design to match or beat the s class unique design

  • Marina Antic

    Heh, guys ur funny…Beemer is from 2008 and Benz is brew new…SO what are we talking about? Lets wait for a new BMW 7 and see what happens. BTW this dash is so ugly, good for truck but not for S class Benz…

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  • Sparco

    I love both, but for class and luxury my vote goes to Merc.

  • Mohan

    Twincle Twincle LITTLEstar, Merc is always a BIG star.

  • SoftRose4You

    Mercedes Benz is the better looking of the cars for now. Mercedes Benz also has some great options to choose that BMW doesn’t have. Mercedes Benz is on top for now……

  • Guest

    Wow! The Mercedes looks more luxurious than the BMW inside and out. BMW you have some work to do…..

  • zlatan

    Bmw is still working on the classics in this design ….as a bmw fan I still believe that bmw can do much more according to the series 7 as done to the 6th and 4th

  • amir

    mersedes has knocked bmw out proudly.i wish i could design new cls or s taht is my life

  • Denis

    As someone mentioned, it’s been about 6 years since the 7series was designed and a lot happens in that time. I never liked the exterior of the 7 Series, it looks awkward and S wins here, but the S dashboard is tacky at best.

  • W220

    I was expecting to see many, many more BMW fanboy comments on here. Good to know that most of you can acknowledge that the new S-Class is a cut above the 7-series. From a purely luxury car/ technological standpoint the W222 stands alone (as every S-class has when it was first introduced)

  • samuel jackson lager

    There is no comparison between the S-Class and BMW 7. The S-Class is in a league by itself.

  • tarena1991

    I love BMW, truly… like since I was a child BUT you should be embarrassed to call this a flagship.I know the E65 was controversial but at least it was unique! The F01 has put me to sleep since day one, sorry BMW but you have a lot of work to do. ZZzzZZzzzZZzzz

    • Horatiu B.

      I think the next 7er will be better. They know they have to catch up.