Rendering new 5 Series: Getting close or just another photoshop?

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Everyone is taking their turn at coming up with realistic renderings of the next generation BMW 5 Series, but as expected, some are better than …

Everyone is taking their turn at coming up with realistic renderings of the next generation BMW 5 Series, but as expected, some are better than others.

Auto Zeitung is the last one to jump on this bandwagon and came up with a….interesting rendering, but quite different from what we have seen so far.

The front end is far more aggressive and massive, in contrast with some of the latest spy photos we have seen. The headlights also seem to extend further into the front wings and feature a different eye lid.

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The hood and front bumper keep the same design elements that moved from one rendering to another one, so it’s safe to assume that the final design will be similar.

Even though the rear-end is not featured here, some sources close to BMW talk about the new rear-end design as being very aggressive and surprisingly, very different than anyone would expect. We weren’t able to get more details at this point, nor if it’s an evolution of the current 5er.

As we advance further into the summer, the Final Evaluation Phase test mules should start losing more of their camouflage or maybe sport a different one, as seen in this photo from Abu Dhabi. (Source: Gulf4Cars ]


Rendering by Auto Zeitung

19 responses to “Rendering new 5 Series: Getting close or just another photoshop?”

  1. Vaybach Khan says:

    well its not gonna be much different from this renderings,and this one is very good render ..only .the headlights are too extended..i think the e60 is prettier then this one,it was very unique..this one is just another similar bmw model like 7 series,gt ,probably the next 3 series..i love them all,but id love to every model be special for it self..and when u think this model should be competitive for about seven ,eight years…its not revolution,not even a evolution..its just mainstream of bmw…but it looks sick at rendering on bmw m5 with spoiler like one in cs…

  2. patricksixer says:

    You can tell from the front end of the real spyshot that the front end in the rendering is a little off–the kidneys look different for sure but I’m not sure what to make of the headlights.

    Either way, I like the rendering even if it isn’t really a good idea of what to expect (IMO). I do want to see the rear end now–after seeing the F10 without the fake panels, the rear seemed a bit big in the pictures, so I’d like to see it with less camo to make a judgment…

  3. Vitric says:

    I saw something almost exactly like that rendering today going down the road, opposite of me so I couldn’t get a picture of it. I swear on my life.

  4. badger says:

    its getting really close..
    the kidneys look a bit off and so do the head lights.
    but most of it seems pretty good

    • Lance says:

      Why is there a slanted bar behind each kidney? It looks stupid. They should ratehr make slanted slates so that we don’t see all the ugly pieces that’s behind the grille.

  5. joe says:

    i love it

  6. viper says:

    looks flat , boring , outdated , so yesterday , looks like a car for a 50 year old but dont mistake MBs 45+ clientele MB cars look ten times better and more elegant and fresh than this ridiculously boring new 5 series

  7. joe says:

    it s better looking than the new e class

  8. viper says:

    I think u need glasses

  9. joe says:

    i think u need to turn on ur vipers

  10. viper says:

    I think u need an eye exam

  11. joe says:

    i ll agree to it with one condition, u ll have 2 get ur brain checked out. thank god BMW dont employ people like u. we would have end up with a bat mobil or worse. u should grow up

  12. samy truro says:

    side view proportions is beautiful, cud be better if 3 series headlights had been dropped for improved E60 lights which panctuate at the top of the fender panel with the LED lights. Bad thing is the current E90 3 series is due for replacement and using its lights as a basis for the next generation 5 Series is really a retro design. maybe the idea is to unBangle i.e undo some extreme Chris but BMW has to be progressive, futuristic and pionnering as always. Look at the headlights on the new E Class. Guys lets get the next 3 series right and start working on the 5 series facelift. Maybe its imposing in metal, cant wait to see one. Good work guys

  13. mark says:

    Am trying hard to ilke this car but the front angle view is just a big E90 3 Series.the headlights and bonnet lines straight from the facelift E90. the back view straight from the 1 Series. the rear lights straight from the new 7. I dont doubt the interior, handling and engines are perfect. there is nothing new on this car just like somebody said ‘just a streamline bmw’. I say (7series + 3 series )/2 = 5 series, but this is not the design phylosophy for the 5 series. bmw dont be surprised to lose this premium segment to the E class and A6.bangle was a bit extreme but undoing that is just not good enough

  14. Blam414JP says:

    The lights just don’t fit in proportion with the rest of the car neither does the long swoop that goes around the emblem and up the hood. It’s not the BMW style.

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