Not so “hot” renderings of the BMW 8 Series

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bmw 8 series 2012 002

I applaud the innitiative of attempting to render the future BMW 8 Series, but this time, the folks at GlobalMotors have failed. The initial concept …

I applaud the innitiative of attempting to render the future BMW 8 Series, but this time, the folks at GlobalMotors have failed. The initial concept was a a four-door coupe to compete with Porsche Panamera, Aston Martin Rapide and Mercedes-Benz CLS3 AMG.

As we have mentioned before, the four-door four-seater GT/8-Series will have a large wheelbase, an approximate length of 196.8 inch(about 5 meters) and is expected to be based on the underpinnings of the new 2009 7 series, but with a sportier chassis.

I’m assuming that those particular information were the base for the BMW 8 Series renderings, but I strongly disagree with their attempt at “portraying” the car. It resembles too much the new 7 Series and it doesn’t really bring anything new. The coupe lines are slick, but hideous and they contrast the massive front-end.

I have faith in the BMW’s designing team and I hope the new 8 Series will live up to its expectations.

P.S If you missed Andrew’s first 8 Series article last week, you can catch it here.

[Source: GlobalMotors ]

Update: Renderings done by Andreas Conradt

bmw 8 series 2012 001 498x332

bmw 8 series 2012 002 498x332

20 responses to “Not so “hot” renderings of the BMW 8 Series”

  1. Gragop says:

    Whoever made these photoshop gets an F for the incredible lack of effort/ vision in this photoshop.

    It’s just an F01 7er with the actual CS Concept’s nose. Seriously…what the hell?! At least give it a fastback look or two doors or something to make it look like a GT or a 4-door GT car…

  2. Giom says:

    Besides the poor PS effort, it’s a killer concept!

  3. john says:

    Hey why not do your research and give credit to who actually did the artwork. Heres a hint. It wasn’t who did the artwork. BMWBlog comes through again with false info. Congrats.

    By the way, the body of the car is the BMW CS concept unaltered with 7 series headlights photoshopped in. So how exactly is this not true to the CS? Are you an idiot? I guess the headlights are what defines the car and not the 99% rest of the car.

    I told myself I would give this place a second chance this morning and I come online to see this. Well now you will be happy cause i’m gone forever and you guys can live in your little dreamworld of false news/rumors from non-BMW enthusiasts.

  4. Horatiu B. says:

    @john: Sorry John, this was the tip that was sent to us, and we linked to the original source. There were no other information on who and when the photoshop was done, so we posted the info available to us.

    As far as the CS concept altered, please check this gallery and tell me if the cars really look the same

  5. Giom says:


    Good riddance!

    Please, no more men with pms!

  6. Kodey says:

    john? your an idiot please just leave and dont come back here is a place for like you said “Renderings” of what might be. so stop being a baby bout things. i happen to like the concept just needs to drift away from the 7er a little bit.

  7. Gragop says:

    1. John needs to calm down – he’s acting like this website is the Inquirer of the BMW enthusiasts websites. This is not the case and if they are your photoshops then I recommend you watermark them next time before posting them on the internet.

    2. These photoshops are terrible. period. And no, you’re an idiot for not realizing that the VAST MAJORITY of the F01 7 Series design is directly sourced from the CS Concept so perhaps it’s a little difficult to tell the two apart, especially when you alter the nose and tail leaving only the middle – which is also primarily where the 7 and CS are similar.

    3. Goodbye!

  8. Clara says:

    So…. what’s the point of the 8-series, again? Wasn’t the 850 a coupe? Isn’t the 6-series a sports coupe equivalent of the 7?? I don’t understand!!!!!

    If it is a sedan, it ends up in the strange positioning that the Audi A10 was in before it became the VW Phaeton. So… will this end up as the Volvo S100?

  9. Clara says:

    @Horatiu B.:
    ps… those CS pics— such a nice design. If they can squeeze that into a reasonably small coupe (TT V8), that would be nice indeed.

  10. Gragop says:


    I wouldn’t get too caught up in the naming of the vehicles. These days it seems to be popular to start “cashing in” on brand and model cache. The 8 sort of flopped when it was selling new but gained a substantial reputation in more recent years. I think BMW is cashing in on that by naming some large GT Sedan an 8 Series to fight the Panamera, Rapide, and CLS. Besides, this will be an expensive car and the 8 was one of the most expensive cars in BMW’s history.

  11. Clara says:

    Well, I’m trying to understand the positioning, especially in BMW’s lineup. They are overstratified as it is. It’s confusing with the 6 in there; if they’re really going V12 then they must be going to the $150-200k range and competing against Aston DB9, Ferrari GTs, and so forth. But what do they gain by doing that? BMW needs more cachet to balance out the 1-series?

    I would have thought that the CS concept would have been implemented in 6 and 7 series revisions. This over-diversification really hurts the brand, IMHO.

  12. Gragop says:


    I agree with you that BMW is trying to be in too many niches/markets at once. However, I meant don’t necessarily look at the 8 Series of the future as having to be a coupe. BMW’s naming system seems to change year to year. I wouldn’t think of the 8 as being too expensive. It will probably be in the $110k to $140k category. So you can choose between a balls-out M6 or a comfortable luxo-GT 860i or something like that.

    That said, I think we can expect another V12 in an 8 Series – likely turbocharged.

  13. Horatiu B. says:

    I found the renderings’ author, so I updated the article. I hope John is satisfied now.

  14. Auday says:

    Thanks for getting for getting the detailed info.

    Although I don’t like John criticism style, I would agree with him to some level that credibility is crucial for this site to stay one of the best and most read non-official BMW sites.
    I think it’s healthy that readers criticize info that don’t come from reliable sources and opinions that are biased and subjective, off course it should be said politely.

    I also have to agree with John here that this rendering is simply a CS with 7 series nose and back.

  15. Horatiu B. says:

    @Auday: I hate to argue, but this is what makes a blog interesting, less editorial process, diversified articles and controversial in the same time.
    Now, we definitely not overpost rumors and speculations, but from time to time, we find things that might be interesting and could start a nice conversation. Look at the topics in the last week, the ones with the most comments and most interesting ones, were the articles with a bit of controversy in them.
    The other informative articles were ignored and not many contributed to them.
    So, I apologize again if you guys are upset with the information we posted, but sometimes, we need to change things around and “spice it up”

  16. Giom says:

    @Horatiu B.:

    No need to apologise Horatiu.

    I think the reason for the low response rate to informative material is due to the fact that it is just that -info.

    When it comes to BMWs future product strategies and line-ups, we all have a lot to say. The great thing is that we don’t all agree, we all have personal preferences and tastes. All based on what the brand means to each individual.

    I was very young (14) when BMW won me over. My brother and I first visited the Merc showroom where the unfriendly salesman showed us the door. Straight over to BMW where a senior manager brought us brochures and discussed the cars with us at great lenths.

    I’m sure most fans were won over by the designs and others by the technology. These are the things we like to talk about and are fanatical about.

    Keep up the good work!

  17. Clara says:

    Horatiu, I think you’ve been fairly up-front about how credible or speculative the information is when you post it, and where it came from. It shouldn’t at all be a question of “journalistic integrity” or credibility.

    So, it’s really a question of people having the right expectations for the blog when they visit. Many people might be linking from other sites, and so forth, so that’s a tough challenge.

  18. Auday says:

    @horatiu & Clara

    Fair enough, I just had a different expectations of the blog. The reason I dont go to forums every day is because of the noise/signal ratio, if the blog becomes a field of controversial subjective views and unfounded rumers, then it might turn to be like the forums. But I see your point that some spices will be good to keep the traffic and discussions. but maybe a good balance between them would be good too. Also what I like to see is a separation between the article and the personal views of the writer, maybe under the article (but in the same section) you could say my personal view about this is blablabla… I felt sometimes that your personal views were totally biased which made me feel like this website is almost a BMW martketing tool. I know it’s not :)

  19. Horatiu B. says:

    @Auday: I fully agree with everything you said. I will try to balance it a little better, and I will point out when I give my personal view. I don’t like to relate the news as in the other blogs or forums, I try to add something different to them, my take on it, which obviously might be wrong sometimes…or biased. I try to keep an unbiased attitude and many times I did slam BMW for coming up with “weird” products.

    I also believe that our blog became successful because we added a more personal feel to it, but we can always reverse to the more “corporate” /media approach.

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