At long last, roadster enthusiasts in the United States can revel in the joy of rowing their own gears with the 2025 BMW Z4 M40i. This three-pedal sports car, possibly among the last newly launched BMWs ever to feature a manual transmission, has finally arrived. However, it comes at a cost. Nicknamed “Handschalter” (German for “hand shift”), the analog variant commands a significant premium of $3,500. We’ve already driven the car so you can also read our review here!

A Six-Speed Manual from Toyota Supra

To sweeten the deal, BMW has added some enticing extras. The Z4 M40i Six-Speed Manual boasts staggered wheels – a first for this open-top performance machine – measuring 19 inches at the front and 20 inches at the rear. These two-tone M alloys are wrapped in 255/35 R19 96Y XL and 285/30 R20 99Y XL tires, respectively. Furthermore, the engineers have fine-tuned the chassis specifically for this version, introducing notable changes such as unique auxiliary springs at both axles, a reinforced anti-roll bar clamp at the front, and a revised traction control system. BMW worked on the M Sport differential and implemented new software for the variable sport steering.

Opting for the manual transmission doesn’t mean sacrificing any power. The “B58B30” engine continues to deliver 382 hp between 5,800 – 6,500 rpm, with torque maintaining its level at 369 lb-ft, kicking in from an identical 1,800 rpm. Notably, the manual model provides full torque for longer, holding it until 5,000 rpm, while the automatic version stops at 4,500 rpm. Furthermore, the car sheds 29 pounds with the manual gearbox swap.

As expected, the Z4 M40i equipped with the eight-speed automatic transmission remains the quicker car, reaching 60 mph in 3.9 seconds, compared to the six-speed manual’s 4.2 seconds. Regardless of the gearbox choice, both variants have an electronically capped top speed of 155 mph. BMW has already said the changes made to the manual model will not be adopted by the automatic version.

According to BMW, the gearbox for the Z4 M40i has been developed in-house, incorporating “M-specific components for the gear set and shafts.”But the overall gearbox is the same one as in the Toyota Supra. The luxury brand further notes that “the outer shift mechanism comprising the shift lever, its guide, and the connection to the transmission” is also bespoke. It’s worth mentioning that the mechanically related Supra 3.0 coupe with the manual employs an adaptation of the ZF transmission found in the Z4 sDrive20i, albeit modified by Toyota.

Frozen Deep Green Exclusive Color

In addition to the mechanical changes, there are visual updates that distinguish the six-speed Z4 M40i from its Steptronic-equipped counterpart. The manual variant receives the Extended Shadowline treatment, featuring numerous glossy black accents. Interestingly, if you opt for the automatic variant, the San Remo Green metallic paint won’t be available, as BMW is offering it exclusively for the manual model. Alternatively, you can choose the $2,950 Individual Frozen Deep Green metallic or any of the seven standard metallic paints. For those who prefer simplicity, there’s also a non-metallic Alpine White.

$3,500 Handschalter Package

Set to hit the market globally in March, the 2025 BMW Z4 M40i equipped with the six-speed manual will come with a price tag that’s $3,500 higher than its eight-speed automatic counterpart. This brings the MSRP to $69,950 before additional options.

While it might seem unusual for BMW to charge more for the manual variant, it’s not without precedent. The M2 G87, sold in Europe with a stick shift, also incurs an additional cost compared to its automatic counterpart. For instance, in Germany, customers pay an extra €500 for the 6MT. However, in the United States, the second-generation coupe has the same cost regardless of the transmission choice.

Toyota isn’t asking you to pay more for the Supra 3.0 with the manual since you’ll have to fork out the same $56,495. That makes the Z4 M40i with the manual roughly $14,000 pricier than its hardtop sibling.


Source: BMW USA