BMW M235i gran coupe 19 830x553

Would you fancy a BMW 2 Series Touring?

Now that the 2 Series Gran Coupe is out, the question is whether BMW is willing to further develop another niche model on this basis. The most obvious candidate would be a Touring version born…

BMW M8 Touring Rendering: the stuff of dreams or nightmares?

Bmw X6 M Cabrio2 830x553

Rendering: Care for a BMW X6 M Convertible?

With the SUV boom in full swing, people are buying higher-riding cars in bulk these days. Crossovers of all shapes and sizes are now the most popular choices in most customers’ books and, considering the…

BMW 4 Series Concept Already Rendered as a Convertible

The Frankfurt Motor Show was full of surprises from BMW. Alongside a new hydrogen-powered car, the Bavarians brought out the BMW 4 Series Concept which is basically telling us how the upcoming Coupe will shape…