Mini Cooper SE

2020 MINI Cooper SE test drive 28 830x553

Video: MINI Cooper SE undergoes the dreaded Moose test

If there’s something we’ve established about the new MINI Cooper SE is its fun factor. The addition of the electric powertrain to that compact car turned it into a zippy model, despite the added weight….

2020 MINI Cooper SE test drive 25 830x553

VIDEO: MINI Cooper SE versus MINI Cooper S Drag Race

When it comes to MINI, outright speed isn’t necessarily important. While it helps, getting from 0-60 mph isn’t exactly what the MINI brand is about. Instead, the famous British brand’s cars are about nippy handling…

Video: MINI Cooper SE versus 2010 MINI Cooper S comparison

MINI Cooper SE in the Austrian Alps 2 830x553

MINI Cooper SE takes on two rivals in Autocar test

Now that the MINI Cooper SE is here, it brings an entirely new group of competitors to the BMW Group. Cars like the Peugeot e-208 and Renault Zoe, two electric hatchbacks, are both little EVs…

MINI Cooper SE in the Austrian Alps 2 830x553

MINI won’t modify the Cooper SE recipe anytime soon

The MINI Cooper SE, the first all-electric model in the company’s line-up, showed great promise when it was launched. There were thousands of clients interested in the new car and a lot of them even…

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VIDEO: Which is Faster — BMW i3 or MINI Cooper SE?

BMW has a lot of competition in the EV market, with brands like Tesla, Chevrolet, Audi and now even Honda all swimming in the EV waters. However, is there a bit of an intra-BMW Group…