M8 Competition

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BMW M8 Competition gets unveiled in Japan

The 2020 BMW M8 Competition, in the coupe form, just made its debut in Japan as well. The super sporty coupe was unveiled weeks ago and it’s now slowly to arrive in countries around the…

Top 5 Cars Slower than the BMW M8 Competition to 62 MPH

People have been complaining about BMW not entering the supercar niche for quite some time now. Developing a supercar is extremely costly and considering everyone’s buying SUVs and electric cars these days, it might not…

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BMW M8 Competition leaks again!

Nearly 5 months after the previous leak, the BMW M8 Competition shows its face again. The latest images showed up on several forums and on Instagram, showing the M8 Competition in what seems to be…

LEAKED: 2019 BMW M8 Competition on GermanCarForum