This was an exciting podcast episode for us to record because not only did we have Joe Achilles on but we had him on right after he drove the new BMW M3 and M4. More importantly, we talked to him right after he’d not only driven the cars but ordered one for himself. In fact, this was our first time talking to someone who’d already ordered one, which allowed us to get a different perspective on the car.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to test the BMW M3 or M4 for long enough to get a proper test, as Horatiu was only able to test it for a short time on some boring Floridian roads. However, Achilles was given a short test in the M3 Competition and a week-long test in the M4 Competition. So he has a better idea of what the cars are like to drive. We should be getting a long-term test quite soon, so stay tuned.

We also poked and prodded Achilles to see if he would give up the spec and color scheme of the BMW M3 Competition he ordered. So far, he’s been quiet on the actual spec of his car but he did share some details with us. He told us some of the packages and options his car has, such as the carbon bits and the snazzy sports seats. However, he wouldn’t tell us the color spec just yet. Though, he did say we posted a very similar one on Instagram a little while back, so take to the ‘Gram, sleuths, and try and figure out which one it was.

Hopefully, we the pandemic is on its heels and the world opens back up, we can get over to the UK and do a group test with Achilles, putting some interesting cars together. Fanny packs are mandatory…