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2023 BMW M2 Toronto Red Filmed At BMW Welt

Flanked by the M3 Sedan and M3 Touring, the new M2 has already arrived at the BMW Welt in Munich. A new walkaround video puts the spotlight on the sports coupe finished in M Toronto…

Behind the scenes with the 2023 BMW M2 – Photo Gallery

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2023 BMW M2 G87 Leaks Continue With Side Profile Photo

The new M2 won’t debut until October 11, but it looks like someone close to BMW has decided to pretty much render the teaser campaign useless by publishing fully revealing images of the sports coupe….

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VIDEO: Why is the Next-Gen BMW M2 So Heavy?

Modern BMWs are shockingly heavy, relative to their size and segment. Admittedly, it’s not entirely a BMW problem, as most brands’ cars are getting heavier and heavier, due to added safety and tech, however it’s…