Fire Orange

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eBay Find: Unique BMW M3 Coupe Individual Fire Orange

Florida-based tuner PSI is putting up for sale their 2011 BMW M3 Coupe with the Fire Orange BMW Individual color. We have previously featured the car which comes with a variety of mods and tune-ups….

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PSI Project Fire: Version Two

In the heart of every M3 enthusiast is the desire to own a “special” M3, one that illustrates their love for everything BMW but also with their own unique flair and individualization. On Project Fire:…

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Fire Orange BMW M3 shows up at BMW Cleveland

A BMW M3 Coupe in Fire Orange paint shows up at BMW Cleveland.  A rarity in the U.S., the Fire Orange color was first available on the M3 GTS, the road-legal racing car that went…

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Fire Orange BMW M3 by Arkym with 604 hp

Bimmer Mag presents the Arkym Fire Orange BMW M3. Back in July, the California-based company, known for their aggressive-looking body kits, launched a BMW M3 E92 Individual Fire Orange with ESS Tuning VT2. The special…

Arkym E92 M3 Fire Orange

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BMW M3 Competition Fire Orange launched in Japan

Recently, China received an exclusive BMW M3 model. Dubbed M3 Tiger Edition, the Fire Orange painted was said to be built exclusively for the Chinese market. Fast forward a few weeks and BMW unleashes another…

BMW M3 Tiger Edition Spotted

First photos of the BMW M3 Tiger Limited Edition have just hit the web. As we announced yesterday, the BMW M3 Tiger is commemorating the current Year of the Tiger in China. The limited edition…