“Probably the most unique 7 Series I’ve had-built,” Chris Marino, of Century West BMW, monopolizes the word “unique” when it comes to factory BMW creations. His latest iteration of the G12 7 Series is an absolutely jaw-dropping Fire Orange stunner.

“I really enjoyed the Daytona Violet 7 Series I had built and it was gone before I had a chance to enjoy seeing it around the dealership, however, this is, without equivocation, my favorite 7 Series of all time.”

This 2017 BMW 750i bares the hallmark of Marino’s customization work: unique in color and with few factory or performance options left on the table. This G12 7 Series has everything you need, beginning with the Autobahn Package and ending up with the Performance Package, adorned with BMW’s gorgeous 21” Style 666 wheels.

Rear Entertainment Professional? Check. Remote Parking? Check. BANG & OLUFSEN DIAMOND AUDIO? Yes.

“The buyer for this car won’t want to settle for having a lightly equipped unique car; it will have to dazzle from an options standpoint and, therefore, compliment the unique exterior,” Marino added.

Why did Marino go with Fire Orange? “The G12 is a modern technological marvel and it deserves an exterior treatment evocative of its technological genome, this car makes boring the use of the word ‘advanced’.”

The G12 7 Series lost 290 lbs over its successor the F02 7 series and has been well received for its technological prowess, but those achievements belie the fact that, at its core, this is still a BMW and it must perform. 4.3 seconds to get to 60 mph.

Too often this type of performance is taken for granted. The G12 7 Series has a curb weight of 4,505 lbs. Launching that mass to 60 mph in only 4.3 seconds should never be taken for granted. The N63R eight-cylinder turbocharged powerplant unleashes 445hp and a bone-crushing 480 ft-lbs of torque. While some in the motor-journalist arena may wax philosophic about the wonder that is the G12’s technology, on the inside, the real magic avoids the limelight under-hood.

Marino shows some reticence in how he feels or what he wants to say about this Fire Orange 750i. “It’s a cross between a motorsport weapon and the touring car you do not drive much.” And then, “It’s really hard to properly articulate the character of the G12 and when you go paint and outfit it like this, it makes categorization of it impossible.”

This 7 is safely in a category of its own and resides at Century West BMW in Studio City, California.