Second day of the 2014 LA Auto Show brings a new exciting car at the BMW booth. While the first day was all about the new BMW X5 M and X6 M, the second day focuses on displaying most of the current range in the United States. And one of those models is a BMW M4 Coupe in Fire Orange color from the BMW Individual catalog.

The Fire Orange became famous when BMW unveiled back in 2009 the limited edition M3 GTS, an European-only sold model. Consequently, the flashy orange paint job was used by enthusiasts on a variety of cars, from a 3 Series, to an X5 M and M5. Seeing the color in person gives you the feeling that it just belongs with the M4 and makes the coupe stand out even more.


The model displayed in LA also comes with a few M Performance Parts installed. At the front, the carbon fiber inserts are highly visible in the bumper, while in the rear, the M Performance trunk lid and rear diffuser give the car an exclusive and fast look.

The 2015 BMW M4 has a base price $64,200. Destination and handling is $925. The European Delivery price for the M4 starts at $59,755. But the paint job and carbon fiber parts add a good few extra thousand dollars.