As the review embargo on the new M3 Competition has been lifted (you can read ours here and here), you’ll be seeing a lot of them online today. Be it in written or video shape, the internet will be filled today with all sorts of opinions on the M3 and M4. Doug DeMuro couldn’t miss out on the launch of a new M car and he put together a clip in his usual style about the sedan. Since he is YouTube’s darling right now, we were curious to see his thoughts on the matter.

And not even five minutes into the video, Doug digs into the main focus point for many people and potential customers: the grilles. According to him, larger grilles work on cars like the X7 and 7 Series because they are large in the first place and they don’t feel out of place.

However, on a car like the M3, they look ridiculously big, almost cartoonish up to a point. But in terms of exterior design, that’s basically the only downside of the new M3. Other than that, the car looks good from any angle. At least according to Doug.

On the quirks and features side of things, he points out the engine sound might not be as good as people expect it to be, like the S65 V8 or other iconic engines, but at least we have a straight six under the hood. In case you didn’t know, the upcoming C63 AMG will use a 2-liter 4-cylinder so you’d better count your blessings. Oh, and the manual transmission is the biggest quirk of them all, especially in 2021.

But what about the driving and Doug score? Well, this is one of the few reviews online right now of the manual version and it seems like BMW did its job rather well when it comes to shifting gears. The throws are short and the car feels very nice overall, according to Doug. The score? 68/100 which makes it a better proposition than the RS5, M8 Competition, M2 Competition or even the older M3 CS.