Doug DeMuro is having quite the 2023 so far. He just sold his online car auction site, Cars and Bids, and with the proceeds of said sale bought a Porsche Carrera GT, one of the finest supercars ever made and his all-time dream car. And yet the year keeps getting bigger and better for DeMuro, as he was just featured on Jay Leno’s Garage, talking about quirky and interesting cars with one of the most famous gearheads in the world.

In this new episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, DeMuro brings three different cars that are currently up for auction on Cars and Bids, talks about them with Leno, and then Leno takes one for a drive. Among the three cars are a Mitsubishi Pajero Evo, a Mazda RX-7, and an E30 BMW M3.

All three of those cars are fascinating cars from similar periods in time and share a surprising amount of similarities. For instance, despite being a Dakar-ready SUV, the Mitsubishi Pajero Evo is also a homologated racing car, just like the E30 M3. And the Mazda RX-7 uses a small displacement, high-revving engine that focuses more on feel and engagement than outright power. All three cars are incredibly cool and it’s interesting to hear DeMuro talk about them in a very different medium than normal.

The E30 M3 is obviously going to be the fan favorite for those reading this but there’s good reason for that. As a racing car, the E30 M3 was wildly successful, as it was one of the most dominant Touring Cars of its time. But it was also a great road car, with a buzzy, motorsport-derived engine, gorgeously communicative steering, and an incredibly nimble chassis. There’s good reason that the E30 M3 is often regarded as the best driving BMW of them all. While it might not be the best, as there are many different subjective versions of what the best could be, it’s certainly in the conversation.

After they discuss the cars, Leno takes the Mazda RX-7 for a spin. Obviously we were hoping for the E30 M3, especially since I’ve never seen Jay Leno drive a BMW (he’s very much a Mercedes guy, so that may have been part of it). Still, it’s hard to not love an RX-7 and it was cool to see Doug DeMuro, someone we’ve all watched become one of the biggest automotive personalities in the country, hang out with oen of the most famous comedians and car culture icons of all time.