bmw m2 convertible dahler 11 750x500

The M2 Convertible BMW never built

Despite several unfounded rumors in the past, BMW will never make an M2 Convertible. Or at least, not in this generation of cars. Yet, that hasn’t stopped some tuners from drawing up their own plans…

Daehler X4 M40i 4 750x500

This BMW X4 M40i makes now 430 horsepower

Swiss tuner Dähler has just unveiled their BMW X4 M40i project. The tuning project combines visual upgrades with the typical power kits which take BMW cars to a whole new level. Yet this is not…

BMW M235i dahler 4 750x500

Dahler’s BMW M235i Convertible makes 390 horsepower

German tuning company Dahler took a BMW M235i Convertible in their shop for a makeover. From a performance standpoint, the 3.0-liter inline-six Twinpower turbo has been tweaked to deliver 390 hp, a significant increase over…