The guys from Savagegeese built a sort of reputation recently, being regarded as some of the most acid critics of the BMW brand. So it’s fair to say that their reviews usually raise some eyebrows. It certainly raised ours as this time around they are actually praising the BMW X3 M Competition. So we were curious to see what changed from the last time they drove this car. After watching the 14-minute long video it apparently came down to the tires. As weird as it may sound, they made a huge difference when it came to the ride of the BMW X3 M Competition which, as we all know, can be a bit too rough for a lot of people. In this instance though, having switched to softer, winter tires, it looks like that issue was, at least partially, solved.

Other than that, the review praises the interior and technology of the car, from the ergonomics to the screens. But it criticizes the rear seats which are a bit too stiff, and switches to praising, once again, when it come to the engine and transmission. It’s a bucket full of pros and cons at the end of the day, but it’s honest and goes over everything you could be interested in, over the course of just over 14 minutes.

The BMW X3 M Competition received a facelift this year that comes with a new design up front and in the back. This new take on the familiar face of the X3 makes it look a bit more aggressive, with sharper edges here and there. Under the skin, the engines were also changed. There’s still an S58 under the hood but it’s an updated version with better cooling and some changed up internals. It’s still brutal though, especially on snow covered surfaces, as you’re about to see. Let’s take a look at the video and don’t forget also to check out our own Youtube channel!