155MPH in an E90 M3 around Daytona (Video)

155MPH doesn’t sound very fast anymore. Relatively speaking, it isn’t either in the history of cars. However, it is still approaching the equivalent of traveling one football field per second. With modern cars(and a bottomless…

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From E30 to E92: 25 years of BMW M3 history

BMW releases a new video celebrating 25 years of BMW M3. The M3 is considered the most successful touring car in motorsport history. The M3 project was launched in 1986. Production of the M1 mid-engine…

Video: Audi RS5 vs. BMW M3 Roadtest

Dutch magazine Autoweek gives us a new comparison test drive between the recently launched Audi RS5 and the BMW M3 Coupe. One of the most popular comparisons in the past few weeks, the RS5 vs….

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Anniversary: The BMW M3 is 25

Press Release: The anticipation began in August 1985. That summer Germany’s automobile magazines built up their readers’ expectations for the fastest 3 Series BMW of all times. The key data revealed a sports car that…

BMWBLOG On-Track Comparison: M3 vs 335iS – BMW’s Sibling Rivalry

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Audi RS5 vs. BMW M3 – The War Rages On

The horsepower war took a bit of a hiatus for a few months after Audi’s B7 platform RS4 went out of production and the debut of the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG – both in 2008…

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Autotechnik + Tuning Thunderstorm M3 with up to 500hp

M3 is used to characterize 3 series top model of German car producer BMW. ATT tuner called its new power car Thunderstorm M3. Rastatt tuning specialists put much effort and creativity not only in design…


Supreme Performance: The BMW M3 Edition Models

Today, BMW announced the launch of three M3 Edition Models which will be entering the market in July 2009. These individual cars will have some modifications in body design and interior features, as well as…