The current BMW M3 model was received with a rather cold and undeserving reluctance. The thing is, moving from naturally aspirated mills to turbocharged ones isn’t such a devastating change for most people. However, when dealing with some of the best atmospheric engines the planet has ever seen, things tend to change a little. And BMW’s last two mills from its M3 range were top notch, no matter what people might say.

Fans of the brand and of the M division are still looking for E92 and E46 M3 models and are continuing to give them the respect they deserve. Point in case, the video posted below. While extreme hoonage isn’t something new, doing it inside a former Soviet missile base is not something you see everyday. That said, the Germans have apparently taken over at least on a Soviet base. All jokes aside, this video has been done beautifully.

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Alongside the Germans you’ll also notice a Japanese ‘intruder’, one that everyone can welcome with their arms wide open: a Nissan 350Z with a twin-turbo V8 under the hood. Speaking of which, let’s see what the BMWs are using to burn rubber. Unfortunately, the publisher didn’t specify the specs for each model but we do know that the E46 M3 dropped the brilliant S54 3.2-liter straight six mill in favor of a supercharged V8 that now puts out 950 HP. As much as we’d love to hate on its forced induction whine, we just can’t when the power difference is so big.

Alongside, you’ll see a BMW E92 M3 that has a similar layout with ‘only’ 800 HP under its belt. In this case, the shock value is a little smaller because the original S65 4-liter engine of the E92 M3 was also a V8 so they didn’t stray too far from the original recipe. That said, let’s enjoy some proper drifting.