By the standard of its time, the horsepower in the BMW E46 M3 was more than adequate, developing 338 hp. But as it usually happens, with every passing year, the high-performance models grew stronger in power, dwarfing one of the most popular M3 models to date. But, the owners of the still gorgeous BMW E46 M3 really don’t have reason for concern – after all, the aftermarket industry has a solution for them.

To some, the choice is obvious: add a pair of turbos and make the engine produce more power. But, as we’re seeing with the current BMW M3 and M4, the turbocharged solution does add a lot of power  but it also entirely ruins the sound. Hence a supercharged solution presents a viable alternative. You get more power, lose the turbo lag, get the amazing supercharge whine, more torque, better throttle response and above all, keep the impressive straight-six engine sound.

BMW E46 M3 Gets Supercharged 18 750x469

Consequently, when the owner of this BMW E46 M3 took his vehicle to European Auto Source, the supercharger solution was found to be the only suitable one to make his vehicle perform better. The tuning shop got to work, installing an ESS Tuning intercooled supercharger system. This is a bolt on kit, allowing easy installation and great power upgrades. To fully unleash the power provided by the ESS Tuning supercharger system, they have installed a Vortec V3Si unit, allowing full ECU management. This particular system is tried & tested, removing any questions or any potential issues, allowing for a worry-free day-to-day usage.

BMW E46 M3 Gets Supercharged 17 750x469

Furthermore, the tuning shop added a custom exhaust system, allowing the removal of the restrictions added by the OEM system, giving the vehicle better throttle response, more power and better sound overall. The exhaust system solution installed is the Status Gruppe section 1 & 2 exhaust piping, paired with a Supersprint muffler section, giving the M3 quite a rumble coming out of the quad exhaust pipes found on this vehicle.

Additionally, the BC Coilovers allow the aggressive stance, combined with some tasteful visual details. These include the black kidney grilles with ///M stirping, the ZHP shift knob and the carbon fiber rear diffuser and a rear bumper, saving weight and making the M3 look good. Full media gallery of this build is available below.

A Jet Black BMW E46 M3 Gets A Supercharger