Big Family Bimmers — Which BMW SUVs Have 3 Rows?

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Which BMW SUV is the Best on Sale at the Moment?

It might seem like BMW has been making SUVs forever, as they’ve become so popular you can’t drive on any street, anywhere in the world, without seeing at least a handful. However, BMW is actually…

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Can the BMW X5 Tow Your Boat?

In this article, we will outline the BMW X5 towing capacity. We’ll then cover cargo room and performance to better illustrate this vehicle’s overall capabilities. We will al so answer one of the most common…

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VIDEO: Is It Unwise to Buy an Old E53-Gen BMW X5?

We often wax lyrical about the original E53 BMW X5, with good reason. Not only did it sort of invent the sporty SUV but it completely changed BMW forever. It’s also still considered by most…