When the M6 F13 received the Competition Package for the 2014 model year, BMW gave it a healthy power boost. The 4.4-liter V8 engine was pushed to over 560 horsepower, which would be more than enough for most of us. However, the owner of what was once a completely standard car had big plans for his high-performance coupe.

With methanol injection and a fully forged engine, this M6 is an all-black brute pushing out a ludicrous 891 horsepower. Its twin-turbo S63 engine has been heavily modified to unlock 1,106 Nm (816 lb-ft) of torque. Extracting this staggering output was not without incidents as the engine blew up at 870 hp, prompting the owner to improve its strength by opting for forged components.

After beefing up the internals, the engine is supposedly capable of handling as much as 1,200 hp. The immediate goal is to smash the 1,000-hp barrier without using any other special fuels. As it stands, the nearly 890 hp are obtained using a mix of 99 fuel and methanol. Of course, adding ethanol or race fuel with a higher octane would push the engine’s power even further.

The M6 F13 Still Has The OEM Turbos

We’re surprised to hear that even though the engine has gone through stage 3 tuning, it still retains the stock turbochargers. Just about everything else has been modified, and a turbo upgrade will follow at some point. Beyond the engine changes, the M6 Competition uses loads of carbon fiber and the LED headlights introduced for the 2016 model year.

The sinister coupe has been lowered on H&R springs and rides on wide 335 rear tires with custom-made wheels. At the back, the four-inch exhaust tips are some of the biggest we’ve ever seen on an M6 from this generation. The owner blacked out virtually everything to give his custom build a stealthy look. However, it’s the power that stands out the most, all of which is sent to the rear axle for what must be an intimidating car to drive.

Source: hampshirephoto / YouTube