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New BMW M3 and BMW M4 – Engine Photos

Here are some exclusive photos of the new engine found in the BMW M3 and BMW M4: Bi-Turbo Inline 6 Cylinder, 430 hp, 369 lb-ft torque. The high-revving six-cylinder in-line engine with BMW M TwinPower…

BMW M4 Patent Filings

According to Carscoops, these are the BMW M4 patent images filled with the European patent office this month. Interesting enough the patent filings showcase the M4 with the same exact design elements as the concept…

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Jet Black BMW E92 M3 by PSI

Sometimes cute and cuddly just doesn’t work. Aggression and menace are the order of the day, nowhere less so than with this intimidating Jet Black BMW E92 M3 by PSI. Its presence and purposefulness are…

Editorial: On the Obsolescence of Manual Transmissions – BMW M3/M4

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BMW M4 DTM Rendering

Earlier this week BMW announced that in 2014, the all-new BMW M4 will enter the DTM championship. “We are all really looking forward to the new BMW M4 DTM,” said BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt….

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PSI renders the BMW M4 with mods

Florida-based shop PSI releases some renderings of the new BMW M4 with some mods already added to the car. According to the company, they have already secured one of the first spots on the dealership’s…

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BMW M4 coming to DTM in 2014

While the four BMW DTM teams are hard at work preparing for the seventh race of the season at the Nürburgring, visitors to the automobile weekend in Pebble Beach, over 9,100 kilometres from the “Green…

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BMW M4 Concept at Laguna Seca

After a full day at The Quail, the BMW M4 Concept goes to Laguna Seca for a public viewing at the BMW Garage. Sporting the same Aurum Dust paint job, the BMW M4 Concept has…

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BMW Concept M4 Coupe Unveiled In Pebble Beach

BMW Concept M4 Coupe debuted today at The Quail. The Aurum Dust painted M4 is one of the main attractions here on the famous lawn at the lodge and celebrities like Jay Leno and others…