The BMW M4 GT4 was announced a while back, with many private teams already securing a unique for the upcoming 2018 races. Deliveries kicked off earlier this year, with a couple of US-based teams already receiving their orders but this week the first car was also delivered in Australia. This initial model will be part of Team SRM’s line-up which is a factory-backed team.

About 80 percent of the parts used on the BMW M4 GT4 are the same as the ones used for the road-going car and that’s something rarely seen in racing today. However, the 20 percent that’s different does make a big difference in the end result. The GT4 comes with cost-effective upgrades though as its price tag is just $300,000 in Australia. It may seem like a lot but this is a proper racing car nevertheless and for that, it’s quite on the cheap side of the spectrum.

This car will be racing for the first time in the the Bathurst 12-hour endurance race in February and preparations are already underway. “The experience gained with the BMW Team SRM GT3 program has encouraged us to further the relationship,” said BMW Group Australia CEO, Marc Werner. “The M4 GT4 enables us to take it to the next level. As well as competing alongside the M6 GT3 in the 2018 Australian GT Championship, the M4 GT4’s ability to participate in the GT Trophy Series further expands the motorsport possibilities for our passionate BMW M customer base. Being so closely related to the M4 road car, the BMW M4 GT4 is an ideal step for those wanting to progress from track days to racing,” he said.

The beating heart of the car is still the S55 engine with an undisclosed horsepower figure which is supposed to be “more than” 431 HP. At the same time the car was equipped with DMSB-certified welded safety roll cage (compliant with FIA regulations), a roof, doors and bonnet made from CFRP,Motorsport front splitters made from CFRP, adjustable Motorsport rear wing made from the same material, Motorsport dive plane made from CFRP, air jack system, bonnet and hatchback quick-release lock and lightweight motorsport wiring harness among other things.