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Video: ALPINA B5 BiTurbo with 540 horsepower

ALPINA releases a video of the B5 BiTurbo model. The super sporty B5 is based on the F10 5 Series and is powered by a tuned up V8 4.4 liter engine with two Honeywell-Garrett turbochargers…

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Video: BMW TwinPower Turbo and Valvetronic

BMW Group scores with four, six and eight cylinders at the 2012 International Engine of the Year Awards. A good opportunity to have a closer look at the technology of the engines: BMW TwinPower Turbo…

Video: BMW 1M Coupe Drifting

Andre De Vries, also known as ‘AdvEvo’ on most automotive forums, is back with more action aboard the new BMW 1M. Known for his driving and drifting skills, Andre shows us what the 1M can…

BMW USA Names The Winner of Their “0 to Desir3 in 5.9 Seconds” Contest

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Video: Power of M

BMW M has always been the model of driving performance. 40 years of work has led to the all-new BMW M6 Coupe and M6 Convertible. Generating 560 horsepower and 500 lb-ft. of torque, the two…

Video: BMW 4 Series Coupe at Nurburgring

The upcoming BMW 4 Series Coupe goes to Nurburgring for a new testing session. Built under the internal codename F34, the 4 Series Coupe will go on sale in 2013 and for the first time,…

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Videos: 2013 BMW 7 Series LCI

BMW releases the first footage of the new 2013 BMW 7 Series LCI. The facelifted 7 Series was unveiled this past week and brings out a series of cosmetic changes, both inside and outside the…

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Videos: BMW Zagato Coupe

Today, BMW unveiled a new concept: BMW Zagato Coupe. Milanese coachbuilder Zagato teamed up with BMW to create another emotional coupe. This one-off model is the product of many hours of skilled hand-craftsmanship and breathes…

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Videos: The new BMW 7 Series. Part 1: Design

BMW just unveiled the facelifted version of the BMW 7 Series. Besides the revised design, the product substance has been improved dramatically. This clip gives you detailed information about the new BMW 7 Series design….