Hybrid SUVs are supremely popular among wealthy consumers with a green image to uphold. However, the problem is that those customers are more focused on image than how green they actually are. Hybrid SUVs aren’t the most sensible vehicles out there, as they’re so heavy that they aren’t the economical at all and the hybrid gear hurts their ability to be utility vehicles. So they’re somewhat contradictory. In this latest video from Carwow, Mat Watson explains such things in the BMW X5 xDrive40e.

We actually drove the X5 xDrive40e and we came away impressed with its powertrain and how well it was calibrated. The switch between gasoline and electric power is imperceptible and it’s probably one of the smoothest hybrid powertrains on the market. However, we also were unimpressed by its fuel economy, despite lofty claims from BMW, and its lack of utility over the standard X5. Watson expresses the same sentiments.


In this video review, Watson does have high praise for the X5 overall. It’s brilliant to drive, which we also agree with, as it’s far more nimble and enjoyable than its size would suggest and it’s also extremely comfortable and luxurious. It also still looks good and has a very solid and high-quality interior.

Although, Watson does admit that these great qualities are found on all BMW X5s. And because of that, the xDrive40e isn’t the model to get. In fact, he says that the xDrive35d diesel model is the one to get. It’s faster, gets better fuel economy and the diesel engine is more suited to the car. We couldn’t agree more and claimed so in our review.

However, overall, the BMW X5 xDrive40 is a great car on its own. Without comparing it to other X5s, it is an very impressive SUV and one that’s lovely to drive. It’s only when you compare it to its fellow stable mates that its reasoning starts to fall apart. While the X5 xDrive35d or ever xDrive35i might be the better choice, the X5 xDrive40e will be a favorite among those with a green image.