For a car that costs in excess of $400,000, the Rolls-Royce Dawn Convertible doesn’t seem to impress the guys from Motor Trend. Usually, people are taken aback as soon as they lay their eyes on any Rolls but it seems like Motor Trend isn’t one of them. So, did the Dawn turn out to be as bad as it may seem at first during their review? Not in the least bit.

The latest model in the Rolls-Royce range was deemed by the company itself as the best looking car they ever made. Truth be told, that’s a statement that is bound to get a discussion going, especially considering the pedigree the brand has. However, we do agree that it is the best looking model they have on sale today. Being based on the same platform as the Wraith and the Ghost, it brings a certain sexiness to the luxury brand.

Rolls Royce Dawn 30 750x500

Just as Motor Trend says, that brings about some faults but they are so insignificant, you can’t really deem the whole car as unworthy of the Rolls badge. People expect the absolute best in everything when they buy a Rolls-Royce and things like the plastic around the steering wheel may never affect the owner of the car.

Rolls Royce Dawn 72 750x500

The Brits are aware of the small faults pointed out in the review though and they have promised that the future line-up will be using a bespoke platform that will only be shared among Rolls-Royce models. Hopefully, that will some kink out some of these issues.

Leaving all this nitpicking behind, the Dawn truly is the epitome of luxury in a Convertible. Nothing comes even close in terms of space, luxury and comfort. The S-Class Convertible that will reach customers this year isn’t even close in terms of space, while the Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible has a similar issue with the rear seats as it was developed as a 2+2 model. No, if you really want to enjoy sitting in the back of a luxurious convertible, you have only one choice and it is showcased in the video below.