For the past few weeks CenturyLink Field Event Center in Seattle has been the focus point for hundreds of vendors, suppliers, builders, and sponsors, all buzzing around prepping for the 2019 Edition of the Seattle International Auto Show. This past weekend, yours truly took a brief tour to check out some of the 2020 models, and I decided to document it all via a brisk 4K walkthrough video which you can enjoy below:


With over 500 vehicles present, there was no shortage in sheet metal (or aluminum, or carbon fiber, or, well you get the idea) on display. Cars, trucks, SUVs, crossovers, high-end exotics and ultra-luxurious models spanning automotive brands from all over the world could be enjoyed, sat-in, played with, and photographed.

Whether you’re an electric aficionado, or you’re more of an ICE enthusiast, there’s something for everyone. If you ever have the opportunity to attend an auto show, don’t pass it up. There’s no pressure from any of the brand reps, so you can take your sweet time checking out the upcoming models in peace and quiet. Although if you do have questions, the brand representatives present are always eager to help answer questions, and some even run sign-up sheets for test drives.

To see some actual footage from the Seattle International Auto Show itself, hit the link in the video and check it out. Feel free to drop a question in the comments below, and if you’ve attended an auto show, let us know how you liked it and also which car were you most excited to see! Until next time, unless you’re off-roading, keep it between the lines!