Today I’m happy to introduce to you a world premiere – the first ever long-term review of BMW’s apex predator in the F80 line up – the M3 CS! And you know I’m serious because I included “ultimate” in the title! The M3 CS is the top Bavarian beast in the F80 stable, and with the arrival of its younger, more eager brother via the G80 M3, there was only one way to honor the M3 CS – and that’s via this full-blown review that’s been in production for well over a year!

With over two years of ownership experience and 12,000+ miles driven – from the street, to the track meet, and everything in between – I cover the differences between the Base, Competition, and CS, as well as go over the performance capabilities, handling, maintenance, complaints, costs, and address some of the most common concerns that people have raised since the M3 CS first hit the proverbial streets back in 2018.

This is not your typical review, so strap in, grab a snack and a drink because trust me you’ll need them both! And once you’re done with the review, drop a comment in the video and chime in! Or if you want to come back here and start a discussion below, then that’s great too! Give us your thoughts on the M3 CS, or on the new G80 M3. Are you a firm believer in “older gen was better gen” or are you excited and looking forward to the G80 M3 CS that will inevitably be released?

Start a conversation and let us know – now stop reading this and go watch the review!