Alex Ricciuti

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Still No U.S. Engines for Spartanburg Plant

BMW may have recently announced that its American assembly plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina will increase its production capacity from 300,000 units to 450,000, making it the the largest BMW plant in the world. But…

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BMW 7-Series Horse Edition for China

BMW has announced the BMW 7-Series Horse Edition for the Chinese market which will make its debut at the Beijing auto show later this month. Meant to celebrate the Year of the Horse on the…

M is for Metro: A Subway Train by BMW DesignWorksUSA

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When will America be ready for diesels?

Yet one more thing for Europeans to ’tisk-tisk’ at Americans over. Diesels. Consumers on the old continent have made their choice – over the last couple of decades they have come to love their torque-y…